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Embarking on the world’s most whimsical adventures, two hearts, one map—join us as we weave tales of adventure and wanderlust from every corner of the globe!” 🌍❤️✈️

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dutch oven camping
Campfire Cooking

We love great food and there’s no reason not enjoy delicious meals while on the road. Explore our ways of cooking and recipes that are surprisingly easy.

Overland Travel

Full-time in our self built Ford Transit van and now our DIY 4×4 Overland Adventure Truck, we’re no strangers to life on the road. Have a look at some of our tips for living the good life on the road.

us travel
US Travel

The US has so much to offer and we’ve only scratched the surface. Join us as we explore the well known and some lesser known places as we cruise the states.

international travel
International Travel

We love all things travel and spending some time out of the country every year is a must for us. Here are some of our favorite places and tips to help you on your next trip.

Explore The World on wheels

Join us as we build or dream Overland Truck and we’re taking you along for the ride.
👉 Building notes and in depth articles
👉 Join our DIY Overland Truck build group
👉 Learn what it takes to build your dream Expedition Vehicle

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Enjoy the latest in what’s happening around the world with travel. Take a break from the ‘bad’ news and get your travel stoke freshened up.

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