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The Ultimate 3-Day Nashville Itinerary Where to Go, What to See, and How to Spend the Long Weekend

Welcome to Nashville! You have chosen one of the most fun cities in America to spend your weekend. With a vibrant music and food scene, Nashville is sure to keep you entertained throughout your stay.

You’ll experience a rich musical heritage, unique attractions, bustling nightlife and friendly people. Whether you’re looking for high-energy honky-tonks or peaceful parks, you’ll find everything you need in Nashville.

DAY 1 of Your Weekend in Nashville

On your first day in town, why not explore some of the city’s iconic landmarks and attractions? Here are some of the highlights you won’t want to miss.

Guided Walking Tour To Start Your 3 Day Nashville Itinerary

Nothing beats a guided walking tour for an exciting and cost-effective way to explore unfamiliar cities!

 Our top pick is Free Tours Nashville; they offer tours starting at 9 AM that last approximately 90 minutes! With knowledgeable guides sharing extraordinary stories about the Nasheville history, we found this to be an unforgettable experience.

Since this tour is free of charge, don’t forget to show your appreciation with a tip afterward – it’s all part of the southern hospitality!

Country Music Hall of Fame

If you’re looking for a unique experience full of culture and entertainment in Nashville, look no further than the Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum! Whether you’re a diehard fan or simply curious about what makes country music great, this is one stop on your trip that shouldn’t be missed!

The Country Music Hall of Fame is more than just a museum; it’s an interactive experience celebrating the legends and up-and-comers in country music.

From artifacts and musical instruments belonging to famous country stars like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson to interactive exhibits that explore everything from songwriting to production techniques, there’s something for everyone at this iconic venue.

A highlight of any trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame is the chance to see some amazing live performances.

The Museum regularly hosts concerts featuring established acts and emerging talent, giving visitors a unique opportunity to see some incredible performers up close and personal. 

Historic RCA Studio B

After exploring the galleries of the Country Music Hall Of Fame, transport yourself back in time to the Historic RCA Studio B; one of the most renowned recording studios in the world, the RCA Studio B was used by legends such as Elvis Presley, Chet Atkins, Eddy Arnold, Roy Orbison, and the Everly Brothers. 

In 1977, the doors of RCA’s renowned Nashville studios closed forever. After 20 years and thousands of recording sessions, Studio B became a part of history as it was taken over by the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum for public tours.

Explore Lower Broadway in Nashville During The Daytime

I’m going, to be honest here; the party atmosphere was intense when we showed up at 2:00 on a sunny day early in October. We quickly realized that we underestimated what Nashville would be like- it’s Vegas on steroids during the daytime!

The street was lined with countless bars, restaurants, and party buses.

Whether you’re grabbing drinks at Honky Tonk Central, enjoying music on one of the many rooftop bars, or eating some of Nashville’s famous hot chicken at Hattie B’s, there’s plenty for everyone to do in this city. 

Visit Centennial Park (Not To Be Confused With Bi-Centennial Park)

Centennial Park is home to many attractions you won’t want to miss while visiting Nashville. The Parthenon is perhaps the park’s most iconic feature – it’s a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon that stands proudly at the center of the park.

The interior houses a 42-foot-tall statue of Athena, making it an impressive sight to behold. Additionally, visitors can take a stroll through the beautiful sunken garden, which features more than 500 species of plants and shrubs, as well as two fountains and several statues. 

Printers Alley

While we were making our way back to lower Broadway for some drinks and dinner, we stumbled upon Printers Alley.

This narrow cobblestone street between Third and Fourth Ave in downtown Nashville is lined with murals and is famous for its nightlife.

Back in the day, many of the buildings served as printing offices and publishing houses. As the years progressed, the street transformed from hotels, restaurants, and saloons to numerous speakeasies when Prohibition was established in 1909.

Nowadays, Printers Alley is known for its blues clubs, bars, and lounges.

Dinner at Acme Feed & Seed

The Acme building has a long and rich history, built in 1890 by JR Whitemore. If you’re looking for an authentic Nashville experience complete with stunning cityscape views, be sure to visit the Acme Feed & Seed. This restaurant is especially popular for dinner and drinks, as well as their live music performances.

We enjoyed the rooftop bar as it’s a great place to get a drink and people-watch. We were there over the weekend, and they had a live DJ and some decent-priced beers. 

DAY 2 of Your Itinerary for Nashville

For those of you who decided against staying up too late shaking your hips at one of the many Honky Tonks, I’m sure you’re ready to hit the ground running for your day two itinerary in Nashville.

Grand Ole Opry

I’ve got a good hunch that if you’re visiting Nashville, chances are you’re probably into country music. What better way to kick off your day than by visiting the most legendary show of them all, the Grand Ole Opry!

Beginning as a radio broadcast in 1925, the Grand Ole Opry has become an unrivaled entertainment sensation.

Celebrating country music’s rich past and vibrant present, this venue showcases a mix of country legends and contemporary chart-toppers who have followed in their footsteps.

Interested in a backstage tour of the Grand Ole Opry? If So we sure to check this out!

Johnny Cash Museum

If you’re a fan of Johnny Cash, you can’t miss a visit to the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville. Located on 3rd Avenue right downtown, it pays tribute to the life and career of one of the most influential musicians of all time. Inside the Museum, you’ll find an extensive collection of memorabilia that span Cash’s entire life.

Historic Ryman Auditorium

If you’re feeling inspired on your Nashville weekend, squeeze in some time to see the historic Ryman Auditorium. Situated right on Broadway, this spot is perfect for people who want to catch a show and pop into some honky tonks afterward.

In 1897, the Ryman Auditorium was constructed as a tabernacle and subsequently became the renowned Grand Ole Opry’s initial home for nearly three decades from 1943-1974.

You can book a ticket online for a self-guided tour of the Ryman from 9 AM to 4 PM. Tickets cost around $27 (click here to book them online), so grab a couple of tickets and add Ryman to your 2-day itinerary in Nashville.

Visit Bicentennial State Park (Not To Be Confused With Centennial Park)

Nestled in the center of downtown, Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park lies directly beneath the Tennessee State Capitol and mimics Washington D.C.’s National Mall with its stunning architectural design.

 The park features a WWII memorial, musical pillars and is a popular walking destination for locals and visitors.

Head to Pedestrian Bridge for Sunset

The Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville is a highly recommended destination for sunset due to its picturesque scenery and unobstructed views of the city skyline. Its location also offers great photo opportunities to capture the beauty of the sun setting behind the cityscape.

Take Your Pick: Visit Germantown Or Revisit Lower Broadway For A Round 2

Tonight you get to pick how you want to spend your Nashville evening and it can be as low-key or wild as you like.

German Town

If you’re looking for a different vibe than the honky tonks on Broadway, head to German Town. This is an up-and-coming area that features a mix of restaurants, craft breweries, and trendy shops.

The restaurants here offer some of the best southern food in town, and several bars feature live music. This is a great spot to explore and find something truly unique in Nashville.

Lower Broadway In The Evening

As you may have already discovered, Lower Broadway is home to over 30 honky tonks that offer live music 365 days a year.

This stretch of downtown is known for its lively nightlife and world-class musical entertainment. The most popular spots include Tootsies Orchid Lounge, Robert’s Western World, and Layla’s Bluegrass Inn—all of which have been featured in numerous movies and television shows.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional country experience or something more modern, these honky tonks are sure to please. 

Cheap Eats And Drinks At Restaurants & Bars 

Hungry while exploring downtown Nashville? You won’t be disappointed – there’s an abundance of options! However, it can be tricky if you’re trying to stick within a budget like we were on our visit. We discovered some fantastic deals that are worth checking out as we strolled around the city.

At Robert’s Western World, their “Recession” meal is a steal! For only $6, you get a PBR, a fried bologna sandwich, a bag of chips, and a moon pie.

We went into each of these places and were blown away at paying nearly $18 for two domestic (1 Coors light and 1 Michelob Ultra). We typically try to order classier drinks, but when you’re on a budget, you have to stick with the basics. 

  • Roberts Western World-Budget Friendly
  • Bootleggers– Budget Friendly
  • Rippy’s Honky Tonk-Not As Budget Friendly
  • Florida Georgia line– Not As Budget Friendly
  • Orchid place– Not As Budget Friendly

 Look for Free Live music At One Of The Many Honky Tonks

Nashville is a place that we hold near and dear to our hearts (and quite possibly our livers, too, especially since we celebrated with plenty of drinks and dancing at many different Honky Tonks. 

If you’re looking for a night of music, there is no better place than here! With an abundance of bars offering live music, it’s easy to hop around and experience 10-15 different bands in one evening – all without paying the dreaded cover charge.

DAY 3 of Your Nashville Weekend Trip

Alright you’ve made it to day three: what are you going to do in Nashville? Today’s the day where you’re going to spend some time exploring other parts of the city.

Visit Radnor Lake State Park

Radnor Lake State Park is a popular destination for those looking to observe some wildlife. The park is a 1368-acre park that features nearly 8 miles of trails, allowing people to take an easy stroll to explore the area.

It’s also home to various species of birds, reptiles, and other wildlife, which can be spotted while exploring the area.

With its beautiful scenery and outdoor activities, Radnor Lake State Park is a great place for families and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy nature and learn more about Tennessee’s wildlife.

Visit Other Nashville Neighborhoods

Nashville is one of the most vibrant and culturally-rich cities in the U.S. But while you are already familiar with downtown Nashville, there are two neighborhoods that are worth exploringEast Nashville and 12 South. These two up-and-coming city areas offer an eclectic mix of culture, music, food, and nightlife.

East Nashville

East Nashville is a diverse neighborhood located east of downtown across the Cumberland River. It has a reputation for being a hipster and artist haven, although there is something to appeal to everyone here.

There are plenty of restaurants offering delicious cuisine from all over the world, as well as unique bars and coffee shops serving up craft cocktails and specialty coffee drinks. The area also features a variety of music venues offering everything from jazz to country to indie rock. 

Explore 12 South 

12 South is one of the trendiest areas in town—it’s home to tons of popular stores like Draper James (owned by Reese Witherspoon!). 12 South also offers plenty of opportunities for shopping; there are boutiques that specialize in locally made goods, as well as larger chain stores like Urban Outfitters for those who prefer big-name brands. 

Don’t forget about the restaurants either; 12 South features restaurants such as Bartaco and Burger Up that serve up tasty tacos or burgers alongside craft cocktails or beer flights. Finally, don’t miss out on 12 South Taproom & Grill, where they have a great selection of beers on tap!

Hunt for Street Art Throughout The City

Nashville is known for its vibrant street art scene, with plenty of Instagram-worthy spots to explore. There are many great places to find street art in the 12 South neighborhood, the Gulch neighborhood, East Nashville, and downtown. 

Bluebird Cafe 

Photo Credit: VisitMusicCity.Com

Have you ever heard of the Blue Bird Cafe? It’s a Nashville gem that has been around since 1982. This cozy venue is a favorite among locals.

It’s known as a place for songwriters to perform their songs and get feedback from other writers and performers.

It has become one of the most famous venues in Nashville and has seen performances from some of the biggest names in country music, such as Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, Toby Keith, Vince Gill, Reba McEntire, Brad Paisley, Trisha Yearwood, and many more. 

The cafe itself is an intimate space with only 90 seats, so it’s easy to feel like you’re part of the action. Perhaps that’s why so many famous artists have graced the stage at the Blue Bird.

Breakfast Spots in Nashville

If you’re looking for some delightful morning eats, downtown has plenty of tasty options! If you manage to get up early enough, make sure to grab a table at Frothy Monkey. Not only do they have an array of delicious breakfast dishes (including the famous Cheesy Grit Bowl), but their coffee selection is also amazing. 

Biscuit Love in Nashville is another great option for a delicious breakfast. Their classic biscuits and gravy and Southern Benny, a biscuit topped with country fried ham, two eggs over easy and brown gravy, are sure to hit the spot. 

Wrapping Up Your 3 Day Itinerary In Nashville

We hope that this three-day itinerary has given you a great idea of all the amazing things Nashville has to offer.

From exploring the city’s iconic landmarks and vibrant music scene, to indulging in delectable restaurants and exciting attractions, there is something for everyone in Music City.

So grab your bags and get ready to explore one of America’s most beloved cities.

FAQ About Visiting Nashville

What is the best time of year to visit Nashville?

Visitors to Nashville will find many activities to enjoy throughout the year. In the summer, it is a great time to explore the city and take in some of its popular outdoor concerts.
The fall and spring are ideal times for visitors as they can experience beautiful foliage while exploring historic neighborhoods.

Winter months provide more affordable rates and fewer crowds, though short showers, thunderstorms, and even tornadoes are possible during this season.

When is a good time to see a music festival in Nashville

Music festivals are popular during any season, so check for upcoming events before arriving in town. No matter what time of year you visit Nashville, there will be plenty to do!

How do I get around Nashville?

Getting around Nashville can be easy if you know the right tips.

Renting a car is often a good option for taking in all the sights of Nashville – but there is also plenty of public transportation, walking, and cycling options available.

Public transportation is slowly improving, while bus systems and rideshare services offer convenient ways to get around town.

For those looking for an alternative to traditional modes of transport, scooters and bikes are both popular choices.

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