For some people, a regular office job isn’t for them. Some don’t want to be stuck behind a desk when there are so many places worldwide to explore. A great way to experience the things you want is by becoming a digital nomad.

You can work remotely anywhere, while relying on public wifi spaces, hot spots, and your self-reliance. This is a great way to be able to make a living and develop a financial cushion for yourself while being able to explore the world around you.

Of course, not everyone in the world can work as a digital nomad. This article will list the top ten best countries for digital nomads in no particular order. Let’s go!

But Wait… First things First What Is A Digital Nomad and What Do Digital Nomads Usually Do?

A digital nomad is someone who can work remotely from digital spaces, which are usually cafes, co-working spaces or anywhere else that offers internet. They do this for the sake of freedom: they want to make their own schedules, work on projects that interest them, or travel more often.

There are digital nomads who freelance by working side jobs online, or work for their own companies. Digital Nomads usually use skills such as development, design, marketing, sales, and customer service when freelancing because these skills help them find remote clients.

Is it easy to be a digital nomad?

Yes and No!

The digital nomad lifestyle is a great way to experience the world and work on building your business. Nomads usually have an office that they can take with them anywhere, whether they’re in Paris or Bali.

The travel aspect of this type of job means you’ll be making lifelong friends all around the globe! Plus, it’s really exciting being able to wake up and do whatever you want every day because there are no set hours.

What Are The Disadvantages of Being a Nomad?

A couple of disadvantages of the digital nomad lifestyle is that often, people must be self-motivated and independent. This can pose a problem for those who are not as able to balance their work with their personal life.

Digital nomadic jobs might not pay as much or offer the same benefits of traditional careers such as health insurance, paid time off, etc .

The digital nomad lifestyle is not for everyone. It might seem like a great idea  but it can be difficult to find the right balance of being home with your family, friends, or loved ones as well as experiencing new cultures around the world.

You should have an open mind about this type of work-life before making the change because it’s not always easy going back to a traditional job after traveling all over the place.

Best Countries for Digital Nomads To Experience

1. Canada

One of the best countries for digital nomads is Canada. Canada itself has become known as a tech hub, and adding just how much there is to see and explore makes for a desirable destination for a digital nomad.

Companies like Google are expanding into Canada, which gives a lot of employment opportunities for digital nomads. The cost of living for a nomad is around the average one would expect, but many nomads love going to Canada to explore its vast landscape and landmarks. 

2. Romania

Another great country for a digital nomad would be Romania. Romania is another beautiful country making leaps and bounds in information technology all over Europe.

A highlight to Romania is that it has some of the cheapest costs for the standard of living. Internet access in Romania is very easy to acquire, and the price for internet access and broadband capability is one of the most affordable in the world.

There is also easy access to various traveling experiences across the country to visit places like the Danube River, Bucharest, or even Southern Transylvania. 

new zealand travel

3. New Zealand

New Zealand is next on our list, and it is anything but boring. While a laid-back country, activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping, surfing, and so much more are easy to find when you are not on the digital nomad clock.

The cost of living comes in around average expectations, but there is easy access to banking and health care which appeals to many digital nomads.

It is considered a very safe country, so digital nomads would be wise to take a trip to New Zealand.

4. Spain

Continuing on our European tour, we now move onto Spain. A wonderful country with some of the best cuisines in the world with rich flavor and remarkable affordability.

Spain also benefits from some gorgeous weather making it feel like a vacation even when you are working. This is another country where the cost of living on the U.S dollar is meager. The citizens of Spain are especially friendly and welcoming to all, making it another travel destination worth going to for a nomad.

5. France

France has so much more to it than Paris, which is why it makes our list today. There is not only an abundance of culture and history throughout the country; choosing where to stay is like an adventure in itself.

Places such as Paris or Lyon, small towns near the French Alps, or the countryside are all calling out to you. In some places in France, you can find a more expensive cost of living, and depending on the area, you might need to know a little more French to impress the locals, but a crucial part of France is their “talent visa.”

This particular visa allows foreign artists and workers to come to France to work on their specialized projects. This is a perfect setup for a digital nomad.

uk travel

6. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, despite the recent drama with Brexit, is also a fantastic place for a digital nomad to travel.

There is so much history to the United Kingdom, in London alone you could stay for months and find more and more things to do just at the capital. The cost of living is in the intermediate zone for a digital nomad, but in most of the country’s urban centers, you are sure to find many and easily accessible places for you to work.

Public transportation is also easily accessible and affordable when going around the country. 

7. Thailand

Leaving European destinations, our following country that makes our list is Thailand. For a digital nomad, this is one of the least expensive countries in terms of your cost of living.

The infrastructure of the country allows for comfort and easy access to places to work. The country itself virtually has the internet everywhere you  go.

The working visa also appeals to digital nomads, lasting up to six months and very easy for renewal. Thailand is a perfect location for any digital nomad, no matter if you prefer the bustling cities like Bangkok or a quiet life on Phuket. 

8. Vietnam

Digital Nomads in Vietnam have the ability to enjoy beaches, explore hidden temples and eat some of the best food they’ve ever had. The food alone is worth moving here! 

It’s not hard for digital nomads running their own business to find reliable internet speeds throughout Vietnam.

The pace is slower than other parts of Southeast Asia so it’s perfect if you’re looking for vacation time or just want something different from what Thailand has available.

If you want to take a break from being connected, there are plenty of places in Vietnam that don’t have any electricity. But this is actually part of what makes it so special! You’ll be able to disconnect and just enjoy nature at its finest here.

bali travel

9. Bali

The top reason to become a digital nomad in Bali is because it is a paradise on earth. Bali has pristine beaches, volcanoes and ancient Hindu temples which means there will always be something new to explore!

The small island of Bali has become an international hub for digital nomads with fast internet connections perfect for freelancers working online. Committing to work remotely in Bali offers you a welcoming respite from the distractions of your normal environment.

There are lots of remote working cafes where you can have a coffee while getting some work done on your laptop for next to nothing.

Bali also has plenty of coworking spaces if you want access to other digital nomads in order to collaborate or just ask questions about how they maintain this lifestyle.

south korea

10. South Korea

South Korea is the following country to make our list. This is another very affordable place for a digital nomad to stay, and the citizens of South Korea are very welcoming albeit a little shy to new visitors.

Seoul is one of the most popular places in the world for a digital nomad. Despite the political strife with North Korea, the country sees very little crime and is very safe for all of its citizens and visitors.

You can find yourself in any of the charming towns in South Korea and have an adventure every day if you want.

11. Uruguay

Going back across the ocean to South America, Uruguay is the following country on the list. While many citizens don’t speak a lot of English, it is a meager cost of living compared to other parts of South America.

It is also one of the most socially liberated countries, with its citizens open to all ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations. Uruguay is a very laid-back country, so you can truly relax and enjoy yourself while there.

12. Argentina

The last stop on our list today is Argentina. There is a thriving social life in Argentina with its rich culture, thriving nightlife, and citizens who are nothing but warm and welcoming to all.

Argentina is one of the cheapest places for a digital nomad. The U.S dollar is a great currency to have here. Argentina is also very laid-back as a country, and with all of the opportunities to explore, dance, and have fun, this is an excellent destination for any digital nomad.

Can “You” Be A Digital Nomad Forever?

The idea of sitting behind a desk in an office can be boring to people. As a digital nomad, this freedom you now have allows you to explore countries you never thought you could before.

The world has so many rich and historical cultures to understand and plenty of delicious food to try. As a digital nomad, you need to figure out what countries work best for you and what you want to experience.

Luckily, we have given you twelve new places to start. Have fun exploring!