Best Freelance Jobs For Beginners

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Keep The Money Rolling In- Best Freelance Jobs For Beginners

Do you often zone out while sitting in your cubicle, defying the monotony of the nine-to-five? If so, you’re not alone.

The typical corporate job is becoming increasingly unappealing, inundating us with mind-numbing tasks day in and day out.

No wonder more people than ever are ditching traditional jobs in favor of freelance work. Some travel-deprived workaholics are even turning to digital nomadism, combining their freelance gigs with a location-independent lifestyle.

And why not? Who would complain about working from the a beautiful camping spot or on a pristine beach?

And then there are parents with a giant load of childcare responsibilities. They often find that freelancing allows them to better balance work and family life.

Telecommuting also eliminates the need for expensive childcare, commuting costs, and business casual attire.

Furthermore, the barriers to entry for freelancing are also at an all-time low. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection, and you’re good to go. No need for expensive office space or years of experience.

But, is everyone cut out for this freedom-filled but often unpredictable life?

If you’re on the fence about whether freelancing is right for you, analyze your skillset and interests to see if any of the following beginner-friendly freelance jobs for beginners might be a good fit for you:

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What Is A Freelancer?

A freelancer is an individual who works for themselves, offering their services to multiple clients as opposed to being employed by one company. They get to choose which projects they want to work on and when they want to complete them.

Being a freelancer has endless benefits, one of the main ones being that you can work from literally anywhere. You also get to set your own hours and take as many breaks as you want (as long as the job gets done on time).

How Much Can You Earn As A Freelancer?

Your earnings as a freelancer will depend on your

  • Skill level and talent
  • Experience with your category of freelancing work
  • Type of work you do (focus area)
  • How fast you can get the freelancing project done
  • The quality of work that you are able to produce

For instance, if you’re a freelance writer with experience in SEO writing and article marketing, you can easily earn $30-$50 per hour. If you’re a freelance graphic designer with experience in creating logos and marketing materials, you can easily earn $40-$60 per hour.

On the other hand, if you’re just starting out, you may only make $10-$15 per hour.

The great thing about freelancing is that you can work as much or as little as you want. You can pick and choose your projects, which means you can control your earnings. If you want to make more money, simply take on more projects. It’s that simple!

Job Marketplaces or Freelance Websites For Finding Potential Jobs

There are many freelance sites out there that you can use to find potential jobs.

Here are just a few of the most popular ones:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Toptal
  • Guru
  • DesignCrowd
  • 99designs ​

While there are many different freelance sites and freelancing jobs out there, these are some of the most popular ones. And chances are, if you’re just starting out, you’ll be able to find plenty of work on one of these sites.

Social Media Manager Freelancer

jobs you can do from anywhere

It’s a social media world; we’re all just living in it. With over 4.7 billion active users (yes, that equates to 59% of the global population), businesses of all shapes and sizes are clamoring to get a piece of the social media pie.

As a result, there’s a growing demand for freelance social media managers who can help businesses create and execute their social media strategies.

It includes:

  • Creating engaging content
  • Scheduling posts
  • Creating Blog Content Posts
  • Analyzing analytics
  • Interacting with followers

This gig is definitely for you if you’re a people person with strong written and verbal communication skills. And the best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your home.

The only thing to be aware of is that social media never sleeps, so you may have to be available at odd hours. You must also be good at mimicry, as you’ll need to be able to adopt the voice of the company you’re working for.

Social media managers can expect to take $4k-$11k home each month. The buck doesn’t stop there, though. With experience, you can easily command upwards of $15k per month.

All it takes is evolving with time and adopting the new trends in social media such as TikTok. It is one of the many freelance jobs from home that can turn into a full-time job.

Data Entry Specialist-Beginner Skill Level

Remote Work – Where To Find Digital Nomad Jobs

Do you have a knack for numbers and an eye for detail? If so, data entry might be the perfect freelancing job for you.

Data entry involves transferring data from one source to another, such as from paper formats to digital ones. So, you might have to work with PDFs, scanned images, or old databases. It’s the king of freelance jobs for students and beginners with a passion for computers.

You don’t need any fancy qualifications to get started. All you need is basic computer literacy, fast typing skills, and the ability to focus.

This job might be a good fit if repetitive, mindless grunt work doesn’t bog you down. But, if you’re someone who needs to translate creativity into your work to stay motivated, you might want to steer clear.

Data entry is an entry-level job, which makes it perfect for those with little to no experience. However, that also means the pay is relatively low, starting at around $15 per hour.

But, steady work can be a great way to get your foot in the door of the freelancing world. If you want to make more money, connect with clients willing to pay more or look for clients on various platforms, including Fiverr and Upwork.

Virtual Assistant Freelancer

Do you assess your organizational skills and think, “I could do this all day?” Well, virtual assisting will take you to your happy place if you enjoy being a jack-of-all-trades and have the stamina to work long hours.

A virtual assistant is a catch-all term for someone who provides administrative, technical, or creative support to clients remotely.

In layman’s terms, you’re the right-hand person to anyone who needs help getting their work done but can’t do it all themselves.

The work can vary drastically from one client to the next. You might be tasked with anything from making travel arrangements and managing calendars to social media marketing and lead generation.

No two days are the same, which is great if you get bored easily.

You might score around $20 per hour as a basic, entry-level VA. But, as you build experience and a strong client base, that number can quickly jump to $50 per hour or more.

Remember, the more irreplaceable, the more you’re worth. Becoming a virtual assistant is one of the many freelance work from home positions that anybody can do, so you’ll face stiff competition.

Graphic Designer For Companies or Brands

fears of Starting a nomadic life

With the advent of easy-to-use design tools like Canva and PicMonkey, just about anyone can create stunning visuals for social media, blogs, and more. However, businesses still prefer to hire professional graphic designers for:

  • Creating logos
  • Developing marketing materials like flyers and brochures
  • Crafting social media visuals
  • Designing website layouts
  • Image Designs
  • Creating animations

So, if you’re looking for freelance jobs for students of design, this is a great place to start.

As a graphic designer, your job is to translate the client’s vision into a cohesive and visually appealing design. It involves developing concepts, playing around with color schemes and layouts, and incorporating any feedback the client might have.

If you’re a whiz with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign (or willing to learn), doing freelance graphic design work can be a great way to earn extra cash.

The average salary for a freelance graphic designer is $45 per hour, but that number can jump to $80 or more per hour once you hone your skills and improve your aesthetics.

Content Writer Freelancer

fears of Starting a nomadic life

Are you a wordsmith? Do you master the art of expression using just a few sentences? If yes, a whole world of content writing is waiting for you.

Although we won’t rate content writing as one of the freelance jobs for beginners, it is a great way to start your freelancing career.

Content writers produce the written content for websites, blog writers, social media posts, and even marketing materials like eBooks and guides. In other words, if there’s text involved, content writers are usually behind it.

Clients use these written materials to engage with their audience, build trust, and drive sales. That’s why businesses are always on the lookout for talented and skilled content writers.

The great thing about being a content writer is that you can work in almost any industry on any topic. You could write blog posts for a beauty brand one day and create social media copy for a tech startup the next. The sky really is the limit.

If you’re a whiz with grammar, have a knack for storytelling, and know how to capture a brand’s voice, it could be raining dollar bills for you.

The average hourly rate for a content writer is $27, but if your client is happy with your work, you could easily charge $50 or more per hour.

Copywriter For Various Niches, Companies, Businesses or Magazines

No, it’s not copyrighting, and neither is it writing copies. Copywriting is a whole different ball game. It’s a level up from content writing, where the real money is.

As a copywriter, you’re responsible for creating persuasive and compelling marketing materials that drive results.

It could be anything from social media ads, and email marketing campaigns to sales letters, niche writing, creating email templates, and website landing pages. All you need to do is, entice the reader to take action.

The best copywriters can understand the client’s needs, craft a message that resonates with the target audience, and deliver it in a memorable and effective way.

If you have been persuading your friends to buy the latest shoes or convincing your parents to let you go out on a school night since you were a kid, copywriting is written all over you.

The average hourly rate for a copywriter is $38, but top-earning copywriters can make upwards of $100 per hour.

Proofreader If You’ve Got An Expertise In Correcting Others Mistakes

fears of Starting a nomadic life

Are you a grammar guru who loves nothing more than finding typos, spotting errors, and correcting people’s mistakes? Are you looking for freelance jobs from home?

If you have an eagle eye for pointing out the missing commas and can spot a spelling mistake from a mile away, you can monetize your skills by becoming a proofreader.

Proofreaders are responsible for combing through written materials – like blog posts, eBooks, and even resumes – to find any errors or typos.

Once the mistakes are found, it’s up to the proofreader to correct them. You got it – proofreaders literally get paid to fix other people’s mistakes.

While this job might not be the most exciting, it is one of the most in-demand. After all, everyone makes mistakes – even the best writers.

And businesses are more than happy to pay top dollar to have their materials proofread by a professional.

If you’re interested in becoming a proofreader, you can start by offering your services on freelancing platforms.

Once you build up a strong client base, you can start charging $30 or more per hour.

Website Developer Freelancer

If you’re good with computers and know your way around code, you could turn your skills into cold, hard cash by becoming a website developer.

Website developers create, design and code websites – everything from simple landing pages to complex eCommerce platforms. And with more and more businesses moving online, the demand for talented website developers is higher than ever.

If you’re considering becoming a website developer, you’ll need to understand HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

You don’t need to be a master coder, but you should know enough to get the job done. Luckily, resources like Codecademy and freeCodeCamp make it easy to learn the basics of coding.

Once you have the skills, you can start offering your services on freelancing platforms.

The average hourly rate for a website developer is $61, but depending on your skills and experience, you could easily charge $100 or more per hour.

Online Teacher

With the rise of online learning, there’s a growing demand for online instructors who can teach everything from English to Math to Music. Although the assortment of available courses is vast, some of the most popular include business, design, and programming.

And if you excel in the highly-skilled areas of ESL tutoring, SAT/ACT prep, and calculus, you can command top dollar for your services.

An online instructor’s basic responsibilities are developing course materials, leading live classes, and providing feedback to students.

Most courses are taught via video conferencing software like Skype or Zoom, so you don’t need to leave your living room to make money.

The average hourly rate for an online instructor is $34, but depending on the subject and level you’re teaching, you could easily make $50 or more per hour.

Photographer For Brands, Advertising, Products and Publications

Negatives? More like positive cash flow. Hahaha Get it?

If you’re an aspiring shutterbug with a knack for taking beautiful photos, then you could make a killing as a photographer. And we’re not just talking about weddings and family portraits – although those are certainly in demand.

Commercial businesses always look for photographers to help them with product shots, event photography, and even headshots. And as the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

The best starting point could be as a stock photographer, selling your photos to online stock agencies like Shutterstock and iStockphoto.

This way, money drops into your bank account whenever someone buys or downloads one of your photos.

Of course, becoming a successful photographer takes more than just point and click. You’ll need to have an eye for composition and know how to use light to your advantage. But with a little practice, you can easily turn your passion into profit.

On average, photographers charge $100 per hour. But depending on your experience and the project scope, you could easily charge double or even triple that amount.

Video Editor

Do you spend 16 hours a day watching YouTube videos and think, “I would do much better at it?” Or do you keep creating improvised montages in your head and wonder when Hollywood will come knocking at your door?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then a career in video editing might be for you.

With the rise of platforms like YouTube and TikTok, the demand for talented video editors is higher than ever.

And as more businesses move online, they’re starting to produce their video content – which means they need someone to help them put it together.

As a video editor, you would be responsible for assembling footage, adding special effects, and ensuring the final product is ready for public consumption.

The average hourly rate for a video editor is $40, but depending on your experience and the project scope, you could easily charge double or even triple that amount.

It is one of the perfect freelance jobs for students with a creative mind.


What was your score in typing class? If it was anything above 30 wpm, then you could effortlessly make money as a transcriber.

Yes, it is one of the freelance jobs for beginners that can transform your fast typing skills into hard cash.

Transcription is the easy process of converting audio files into written text – and businesses always need transcriptionists to help them with everything from market research to legal proceedings.

Some industries you can expect to work in as a transcriber include entertainment, healthcare, and law.

The great thing about transcription is that it requires no formal or prior experience. As long as you can type quickly and accurately, you can start offering your services to clients.

It makes transcribing one of the best freelance jobs for beginners.

A transcriptionist’s average hourly rate is $25, but depending on the difficulty of the project and your speed, you could charge $35 or more per hour.

If you want to take that higher, you can look for tasks you already have some background knowledge of – this will help you transcribe faster and improve your accuracy.

Best Gigs For Beginner Level Freelancers

A fantastic thing about a freelance job is that you don’t need a degree or intensive certification to begin. With countless freelancing websites and services, it has never been simpler to get a gig!

These are some of the most simple freelance work opportunities I’ve come across, based on my personal experience.

  • Freelance writing projects or content writing jobs
  • Freelance Proofreading and Editing
  • Freelance translator job opportunities
  • Freelancer contracts for Data entry
  • Virtual Assisting
  • Copywriting jobs/ And or Branding Projects
  • Social media manager for content development and content strategies

Expert Level Freelancer Jobs That Require Previous Experience

Tax Planning or Accounting

There are websites that offer a variety of freelance jobs that require previous experience in tax planning or accounting. If you have experience preparing taxes or working with financial data, you may be able to find a well-paying job as a freelance tax planner or accountant.

Freelance Marketing Jobs

Those who take on marketing jobs will be responsible for planning and executing marketing campaigns. This could include everything from developing a social media strategy and branding services to creating and managing an email marketing campaign. Candidates for these jobs should have previous experience in marketing, as well as strong writing and communication skills.

Website Design or Web Development

If you’re interested in working in web design, you’ll need to have a strong portfolio of previous work to show potential clients. Jobs in this field can range from creating a simple website for a small business to designing and developing a complex e-commerce site.

Programming Jobs

Programming jobs are often very technical, and therefore require a high level of experience and expertise. If you’re a programmer, you may be able to find work developing software, applications, or websites.


Videography is a growing field, as more and more businesses are using video to promote their products and services. If you have experience shooting and editing video, you may be able to find work as a freelance videographer.

Keyword Research SEO Optimization

When it comes to online marketing, keyword research is essential. Businesses need to know what keywords potential customers are using when they search for products or services related to their business.

Keyword research can be used to determine which keywords to target in a marketing campaign. Those who take on this type of job will need to have strong analytical and research skills.

Freelancing Marketplaces To Find Clients

As I mentioned above there are many freelancing sites for finding work. However, I wanted to go into detail about a few of the most popular freelancing platforms to help you get started.

Upwork is one of the most popular freelancing platforms and it offers a wide variety of jobs in different categories such as writing, programming, design, marketing, and more.

The majority of the jobs on Upwork are project-based, which means that you can work on them for a set period of time and then move on to another project once the work is completed.

Guru is another popular freelancing platform that offers both long-term and short-term projects in a wide range of categories.

The majority of the jobs on Guru are fixed-price, which means that you will be paid a certain amount for completing the work, regardless of how long it takes you.

Fiverr is a freelancing platform that is popular for its ‘gig’ based approach to work. This means that you can offer your services in the form of a ‘gig’ (or task) for a set price.

Fiverr is popular for jobs that can be completed relatively quickly and do not require a lot of experience, such as social media marketing, logo design, and video editing.

Toptal is a freelancing platform that focuses on connecting businesses with the top 3% of freelancers in their respective fields. To be able to join Toptal, you must first pass a stringent screening process that assesses your skills and experience.

Once you are accepted into the network, you will have access to high-paying projects with some of the world’s top businesses.

99designs is a freelancing platform that focuses on connecting businesses with graphic designers. Designers can create a profile and submit proposals for design projects in categories such as logos, web design, and packaging.

Once a project is awarded to a designer, they will have a set amount of time to complete the work and submit it to the client.

DesignCrowd is another freelancing platform that focuses on connecting businesses with designers. Designers can create a profile and submit proposals for design projects in categories such as logos, web design, and packaging.

Once a project is awarded to a designer, they will have a set amount of time to complete the work and submit it to the client.

Final Thoughts About Beginner Freelancing Jobs

The possibility of finding freelance jobs from home has never been greater – and with the rise of the gig economy, there’s no shortage of freelance jobs for beginners.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash or even start a whole new career, consider one of the options above. 

You could be a full-time mother, an MBA student, or anything in between – and as long as you have the skills, there’s a job waiting for you.

In most cases, what’s standing between you and your dream job is a willingness to get started. So, if you are reading this, chances are you’re already on the right track.

Don’t let this sparkle of motivation fizzle out – take action now and see where it takes you. You might be surprised at what you’re capable of.

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