The Polar Bear Soft Cooler is an exceptional value and will give any Yeti cooler a run for it’s money.  Better cooling, more packable and a third the price.  Find out why it’s the best soft cooler bag.

The whole cooler thing has gotten a little nuts over the past years.  I never would have though you’d have to spend over $300 dollars for a decent cooler.  The marketing by Yeti Coolers has been exceptional. 

By exceptional I mean questionable.  I would compare Yeti Coolers to the pharmaceutical companies in medicine.  Driving up the prices over nothing.  Well, enough Yeti bashing.  Oh and by the way, Yeti Coolers are very good, I just think they are overpriced.  

Why You Need a Soft Cooler Bag

Soft coolers are just plain handy.  Just throw the shoulder strap on and you have a great portable cooler.  The fact that they are soft-sided makes them comfortable to wear.  Perfect for the beach, camping, motorcycle,  hiking, pretty much anywhere.

They pack down small when they are empty and even when filled can fit in those tight places a hard-sided cooler just can’t.  The only downside I see is that they don’t make a good seat.

I’ve even taken mine over seas when I’m doing beach vacations.  The Polar Bear weighs almost nothing and packs down quite small.


The reason I think Polar Bear coolers are the best isn’t just their exceptional cooling ability.  They are also the most packable soft cooler out there.

Yeti soft cooler

When we look at the above Yeti 12-pack it’s pretty obvious that this design isn’t going to collapse when empty or partially full.  This style in all honesty behaves more like a hard cooler.  The one good thing about this design is the large opening that stays open.  To me these are just a hard cooler with a shoulder strap.

Yeti Soft Cooler

The Yeti 20-pack above, which I’ve used quite a bit, does in fact flatten down pretty good when not in use.  It’s doesn’t compress or roll as well as the Polar Bear but it’s pretty close.  Unfortunately, Yeti only offers this design in the 20-pack size.  It’s also worth noting that the opening is rather small and restricted when compared to the Polar.

As you can see above, the Polar Bear has a big opening if needed or you can just unzip a portion to keep the cold in.  It’s hard to appreciate in the picture but the insulation is very thick but compresses down well as you can see below.  For packability when empty or just partially full, the Polar Bear is a better option.

The Specs

  • Offered in 3 sizes, 12-pack, 24-pack, and the giant 48-pack
  • Heavy duty hardware and guaranteed leak proof
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 12-pack will hold, yes you guessed it, a 12-pack plus 5 lbs of ice
  • INSULATION – Keep ice 24 hours in 100+ degree heat – 1″ thick 10 Gauge HIGH-DENSITY foam insulation – BEST QUALITY, HIGHEST DENSITY foam insulation 
  • OUTER SHELL – Rugged UV-Resistant 840-Denier TPE LUGGAGE GRADE Nylon Outer Shell – All seams are DOUBLE HEMMED and anchor stitched 
  • ZIPPER – Super Heavy-Duty YKK #10 weatherized zipper (RUST PROOF) – Our patent-pending zipper design keeps the zipper from ripping out of your cooler 
  • INTERIOR LINER – Anti-Microbial FDA Food-Grade TPU DOUBLE COATED NYLON – Consumer SAFE for perishable storage – Most durable and longest-lasting liner ever built into a soft cooler – If it’s not TPU DOUBLE COATED NYLON, it’s NOT a Polar Bear


I can vouch for the durability.  It’s been with me on the back of my motorcycle all through Baja and mainland Mexico.  Literally thousands of miles and more crashes than I care to admit.  

I never thought the interior could last this long.  It’s an impressive material.  Mine after 6 years of heavy use is still completely intact with no leaks whatsoever.  If it survived my Baja trip it can make it through anything.  I can’t recommend it enough.


All right folks let’s talk price.  We’re talking $65 for the Polar.  The comparable Yeti 12-pack version is $250!  I said it before and I’ll say it again.  Having used both these coolers, I can’t tell a difference in their cooling ability.  The Polar really is an amazing cooler for the price and might even be a better cooler overall.  

Polar Bear Soft Coolers

I’m surrounded by people with Yeti soft coolers at nearly 3 times the price.  I honestly can’t tell the difference and neither can they.  

Like everything on this site, I don’t promote things that I don’t use and like.  I will stake my reputation all day long with this cooler.  If you want the same cooling as a Yeti, more packable, and a third the price, these are hands down the best soft cooler.

A good Soft Cooler makes all the difference.  Ditch those heavy and bulky hard-sided coolers.  For a day at the beach or your next road trip, a good soft cooler will make everything better. This cooler keeps up with the Yeti cooler for a fraction the price.| yeti coolers | ice chest | camping | road trip | beach |
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