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Best Starlink Accessories For Overland trucks, RV’s and Vanlife

Starlink is gaining popularity and for a good reason…it works great! While Starlink offers blazing fast internet just about anywhere, it does pose some RV mounting and storage challenges.

That’s why we’re sharing our best Starlink Accesories and RV mounting options that are great for Overland Trucks and Vanlife.

Below is our absolute favorite mount

It’s simple, well made, and is even lockable. The mount easily attaches to a variety of surfaces whether screwing, glueing, or VHB double sided taping. It was a perfect fit for our Overland Truck.

our #1 pick


  • Most versatile
  • Lockable
  • Well made

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Starlink RV Mounting Options

Let’s start with some simple mounting options that don’t require any modifications to the Starlink dish. Don’t worry, I’ll go over some flat mounting options at the end of the article that do require modification. Here are some of our favorite Starlink RV accessories.

Starlink RV Pole – Flag Pole Buddy Starlink Mount

Flag Pole Buddy – One of the more popular ways to mount the Starlink dish. This system is designed to mount to an existing RV ladder and includes everything you’ll need. Their latest version is designed to fit the Starlink dish making this an easy and effective Starlink mount.

starlink mount flag pole buddy

How To Mount Starlink on RV

Flag Pole Buddy DIY Version – This kit includes everything needed to mount a 1″ pole to the RV ladder. A great DIY start for those looking to make their own Starlink pole.

starlink ladder mount kit

Harbor Freight Extendable Flag Pole Mount

Harbor Freight Extendable Flag Pole – The Harbor Freight flagpole is massive and extends to over 20 feet. You’ll need to get an adapter to connect to the Starlink dish pole. You can find that adapter here.

You’ll also need a way to fasten it to your ladder which can be as simple as using some U-bolts or this kit.

best starlink accessories

Starlink Pivot Mount Accessory

Starlink Pivot Mount works great for a Starlink RV roof mount. You can also get the magnetic base below for attaching to the top of a truck for example.

Magnetic Base – You just simply bolt the Starlink pivot mount to the magnets for a simple and quick setup. This would not be secure enough for driving with the dish up.

starlink roof mount
starlink magnet mount

Etsy Starlink Mounting Accessories

Etsy Starlink Accessories – If you’re not familiar with Etsy they are worth a look for Starlink accessories and mounts. They have a lot of custom, DIY, and official Starlink accessories available. Just beware the official Starlink accessories are often priced higher than direct from Starlink.

starlink pole adapter

Our Favorite Starlink RV Roof Mount

Seaview Global Starlink Accessories – These folks make some of the highest quality mounts designed for the harshest marine environments.
I especially like how you can control the angle and stow it away when not in use.

marine starlink mounts

1″ EMT Conduit Pole Kit – EMT conduit is cheap and available at almost all hardware stores. This is the metal tubing they use to run electrical wiring through. Turns out it makes a great and affordable Starlink pole mount.

This could be used for all sorts of Starlink mounting options.

starlink 1" pole adapter

Want to power Starlink on 12 volts? Here’s how to do it! We have both a video and written article on the conversion. How To Power Starlink on 12 Volts

Universal Pole Starlink Mounting Option

Universal Pole Mounting Bracket – A bracket like this is perfect for mounting all sorts of poles to a variety of RV’s or Campervans. Works well for ladders, roof racks, and even bumpers.

universal pole mount

Starlink Motorized Mount

E-Riggers Starlink Motorized Mount – Here’s a powered Starlink mount that raises and lowers. They have some other very well built mounting options as well.

motorized starlink mount
starlink rv mount

Starlink Flat Mounts

Everything up until now has not required any modifications to your Starlink. The following Starlink mounts require significant modification to the dish including disabling of the motors.

If you’re new to Starlink, the dish is connected to the pole by way of motors that can move and position the dish to help with reception. There’s a great debate as to how important this motor positioning actually is as many people report no difference in keeping their dish flat.

I myself have tested this out and I could not see any differences in the speed tests. We’ve been using the standard Starlink dish flat-mounted on our Overland truck for years without problems. It also works great in-motion!

Starlink just recently came out with their High Performance Dish which is designed to be flat mounted and used while in motion. The price is actually reasonable at $2,500 but they likely won’t let you upgrade unless you switch to their new mobile Roam plan.

You can read more about the new Roam plans here, The NEW Starlink For RV, ROAM Is Here, But Is It Worth It?

Head to our Amazon Store for a complete list of Starlink accessories(Click HERE)

Starlink Flat Mounting Benefits

Flat mounting Starlink has several benefits. First, you can completely eliminate the pole if you want which allows for a very compact roof mount perfect for stealth Vanlife mounts. Second, is the potential to use the dish while driving.

Although not technically recommended by Starlink MANY folks are doing this without problems. By flat mounting the dish you don’t need to worry about the wind effects of a dish that is tilted and prone to getting ripped off.

The Ultimate Stealth Starlink Vanlife Mount – At just over an inch thick this thing isn’t much bigger than a laptop. This system requires significant modification to the dish including removal of the back plate and disabling motors. But man that looks nice!

starlink star mount

Starlink RV Mount – These same folks also make a version that doesn’t require as much modification to the dish. You’ll still have to disable the motors but you’re not cutting the back completely off. These RV mounts have been raced on the Baja 1000 off-road course live streaming via Starlink.

rv mount for starlink

Best Starlink Cases for RV and Vanlife

Regardless of the Starlink mount you chose, aside from the flat mounts, you’re going to need a sturdy case to protect your investment. While a simple tote can work just fine some prefer the security and durability that these cases provide.

Pelican 1600 Case

Pelican 1600 Case – This case provides the ultimate in protection and can house the dish along with router and cables. A perfect case for those that use their Starlink in multiple locations. This can withstand the riggers of overland and off road travel. This case will NOT fit the star shaped stand but check out this custom Pelican case below which is a case and stand all in one.

starlink pelican 1600 case

Savage UTV Starlink Case

Savage UTV has a bunch of great Starlink accessories and I especially like this very well thought out case based on the 1600 Pelican.

The case fits everything you need, plus the case itself has a mounting hole through the lid eliminating the need for the star shaped stand.

They have a bunch more Starlink accessories worth checking out.

starlink case
savage utv starlink case 1

Pelican 1610 Case

Pelican 1610 Waterproof Case – This wheeled Starlink case holds EVERYTHING and then some. You’ll have room for the dish, router, cables and stand with this beast.

pelican starlink case

Caseman Starlink Case

Caseman Durable Starlink Case – This case has everything you need including pre-cut padding so your Starlink fits perfect! A well thought out case built for some serious abuse.

waterproof starlink case

Starlink Travel Case

Starlink Travel Case – Starlink has a rather affordable and durable case that can even be worn as a backpack. The ultimate Starlink case for travel I suppose.

starlink backpack case

Budget Starlink Storage Case

Budget Starlink Storage Tote – For a simple and affordable Starlink case look no further than this simple yet effective tote. Hopefully you didn’t throw away the original Starlink packing kit. Because that fits perfect and helps to keep things secured as this case doesn’t come with padding.

affordable starlink case

HDX 17 Gal. Storage Tote – This is another popular and budget friendly Starlink case for RV and Vanlife travel.

budget starlink travel case

Starlink Network Accessories

It’s no secret that the Starlink router is rather basic and lacks in features. Even security isn’t all that great. If you aren’t interested in doing the Starlink router delete, more on that here, you can still add in a more robust router.

Starlink Ethernet Adapter

The Starlink ethernet adapter lets you connect an additional router to the existing Starlink router. This lets you use any router you’d like. This was important for us because we use a router that also has a SIM card modem for cellular plans. You can learn more about our setup here.

starlink ethernet adapter

WiFi Extender for Starlink

TP Link WiFi Extender – These are very handy if you ever need to extend you WiFi coverage. We often recommend and even install these at RV parks that we stay at with poor WiFi signals. A great way to earn a free night or two.

They do require a little bit of network knowledge and logging in to the back end of the primary router.

WiFi booster

Better Starlink Router

TP Link Router – The Starlink router is rather basic in terms of functions and security. Adding an additional router to gain features and security is easy with the above ethernet adapter.

This router has the majority of features you’ll need and can even be powered by 12 volts.

Or you can take it to the next level and completely delete the Starlink router to save space and energy.


Final Thoughts on Starlink Accessories

Starlink is blowing up and great new products are coming to market daily. The new high performance flat mount dish sure is temtpting but in all honesty our standard dish is working great flat-mounted.

Starlink has been an absolute game changer for us living the Nomad Life. Starlink has afforded us the luxury to travel full-time and work remotely all from the comfort of our Expedition Truck Rocksea.

Can you power Starlink on 12 volts?

While Starlink does not provide a 12 volt option there are ways to make your own DIY 12 volt system for starlink.

What’s the cheapest case for Starlink

HDX 17 gallon tote mentioned above is the most affordable option which still offers some protection.

What size Pelican case fits the Starlink?

The Pelican 1600 case will fit everything except for the stand. The Pelican 1610 case fits everything including the x-stand.

How to order Starlink accessories?

Official Starlink accessories can be purchased through your Starlink account. You can not purchase official Starlink accessories without being a customer.

How to mount Starlink on RV?

The flag pole method or mounting to an RV ladder is the most popular. There are many other options listed in this article.

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