When you set out on the road for the ultimate trip, cooking is one of those things you should have dialed in. Through trial and error of breaking dishes, spending too long scrubbing a frying pan, and not having the proper space-saving tools we’ve finally honed in on our favorite campervan kitchen accessories and we’re happy to share them with you here. 

2. Plastic Reusable Wineglasses

When partaking in van life people are typically doing a lot of moving around and adventuring down bumpy back roads.  Nobody has time to clean up a mess from broken wine glasses.

Do yourself a favor and check out these shatterproof wine glasses that add just the right amount of fancy to your evening

campervan kitchen accessories

3. Flat Cutting boards

These flat cutting boards are the perfect kitchen camper essential because they’re thin, lightweight, and flexible.  I love the flexibility because they easily fit in your camper van sink when they’re dirty. The great thing is they come in a set of 4 and each is color-coded for its specific use. For example, cutting veggies or raw meat. 

campervan kitchen accessories

4. Bamboo utensils

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about the thousands of different rattles you could encounter in your van. The best way to deal with your silverware from banging round in your kitchen drawer is to go with a great bamboo alternative.

By switching out your metal silverware to a wood material you’ll be able to experience your scenic drive in peace rather than being annoyed by the constant rattles.

campervan kitchen accessories

5. Plastic Plates And Bowls

For several reasons (noise, excess weight, space, risk of breaking) glass and ceramic dishes aren’t the best idea for your van. Instead, look into these plates which are one of my favorite kitchen van essentials. 

campervan kitchen accessories

6. Collapsible Tupperware The Ultimate space saver

When you need them you need them but when you don’t Tupperware can take up a whole lot of space when not in use.  These collapsible Tupperwares are your perfect solution for compact storage along with keeping leftovers fresh and flavorful. 

campervan kitchen accessories

7. Spice Containers for a camper van kitchen

We love our spices and what better way to spice up cooking in a camper van than by having all the spices you need. We have used two different spice options and I have to be honest I like and dislike each of them for different reasons.

This round one is great because it comes preloaded with all the spices we use and it’s ready to go.

My only gripe with it is that you can’t refill it.

campervan kitchen accessories

The other option we’ve tried are these plastic spice containers.  They are great because they come in a set of 6 and stack nice and compact taking up as little room as possible.

My gripe with these is because they are so compact some of the bulkier spices like basil, oregano, and dill don’t come out very easily.

campervan kitchen accessories

8. Aeropress Coffee Just the right size 

I’m not sure about you but around here we can’t start our day without a good cup of coffee.  The Aeropress is the perfect way to make a fabulous cup of coffee. We’ve been using it both at home and in our camping for several years. 

The great thing about the Aeropress is that it’s super small so you can stow it away in one of your van cabinets super easy. 

campervan kitchen accessories

9. FRench press mega boost your kitchen campervan accessories

If you’re one of those people who need a couple of coffee refills before you’re feeling like you’re ready to go, I’d recommend something like a french press that allows you to make coffee in larger quantities.

We love coffee and by using our french press we can keep the caffeine flowing while getting our work done!

campervan kitchen accessories

10. collapsible nesting measuring cups

I really like collapsible things, they save so much space. If you’re accustomed to using normal measuring cups take a minute to think about how much space they take up in your camper van drawers even if you’re able to nest them.  These collapsible measuring cups are the perfect space-saving solution.

campervan kitchen accessories

11. Cast Iron Pan the only one you’ll need 

We only have one pan in our kitchen van and we absolutely love it. We use our cast iron pan for cooking eggs, grilling veggies, meats, and even campfire cooking.  Yes, I know that a cast iron pan is pretty hefty but its versatility makes it worth it.

campervan kitchen accessories

12. Collapsible colander

Yep, one more collapsible tool that is super useful in a camper van. By now you’re probably figuring out how useful collapsible items can be in van life. The more you can collapse the more room you’ll have for the things you “really” need. 

The great thing about this colander is that it’s made from environmentally friendly BPA free materials and has extendable arms to fit almost any sink.  When collapsed it hardly takes up much more room than a plate!

campervan kitchen accessories

13. good quality knife

Do yourself a favor and get a good quality knife. Yes, they’re not cheap but if you invest in one upfront you’ll be able to use it for years. We got this knife a couple of years ago and have been able to use it for everything.

campervan kitchen accessories

14. Blender

OK, I get it there’s something to be said about having minimal appliances in your camper kitchen but there are certain things we just can’t give up.

By using our blender for smoothies it is our guaranteed way to get in our daily dose of fruits and veggies.  Also, if you’re into single-serving soups take them to the next level by blending up some veggies to have your own ready to go soup in minutes.

campervan kitchen accessories

15. Stackable Pots and pans

Whether you’re boiling water for pasta or simmering a pasta sauce you’ll want a couple of saucepans that easily stow in your camper kitchen.

I can’t find the exact ones we have but these are similar

campervan kitchen accessories

16. Veggie Spiralizer

If you’re a fan of getting a good dose of healthy veggies in your diet this is a great way to do so.

This spiralizer is compact and handheld making it a great kitchen tool for a camper van.  The double-ended construction allows you to make two sizes of veggie noodles; wide spiral ribbons and thin, spaghetti-style noodles.


campervan kitchen accessories

16. Lighter -Yep just a good lighter

No trip is complete without a good lighter. How are you supposed to light a campfire and get the grill going without one?

campervan kitchen accessories

17. Instant Pot- A Possible must-have kitchen accessory

To be honest, we don’t have this kitchen accessory BUT we’re wondering if its something we should add.  I’ve seen several people living the vanlife who have an Instant Pot but since we have a crockpot we’re not sure if it’s necessary.

What do you think?  Let me know if you think the Instant Pot outweighs the benefits of a crockpot.

campervan kitchen accessories

18. Dutch Oven

We’re big fans of van life gatherings and what better way to contribute to the spread than bringing something you’ve cooked in the dutch oven. The great thing about cooking in a dutch oven is it takes very little effort.

campervan kitchen accessories

If you’re new to using a Dutch Oven don’t worry.  We’ve put together the Ultimate Dutch Oven Guide.  

19. Insulated mug is a must have

Having a quality insulated mug that can be used for both hot and cold beverages is a must.  We like this one the best.

campervan kitchen accessories

20. Mini-crockpot

We purchased this mini-crockpot last ski season while we were chasing storms and it’s been a complete lifesaver.  This is one of those kitchen campervan accessories that I think is a must. 

There’s nothing better than having a hot meal ready to go after a full day of skiing.


campervan kitchen accessories

21. Shatterproof Soap Dispenser

We enjoy having our soap in this shatterproof dispenser on our van counter.  You can easily secure it in place by using a bit of velcro.

campervan kitchen accessories

21. Quick Dry Kitchen Towel

When you live in small living spaces you don’t want to deal with soggy wet towels that take forever to dry. Quick-dry towels are your perfect solution. 

campervan kitchen accessories

22. Knife Sharpener

To keep our knife in tip-top condition we use a knife sharpener to keep it razor sharp.

campervan kitchen accessories

23. Dish Drying Mat With Rack

This is the perfect lightweight low-profile dish drying mat for your next road trip. The great thing about this is it folds up for compact storage in a drawer or cupboard leaving your counter-top clutter-free.

campervan kitchen accessories

24. fruit and veggie hammock

When you’re living the vanlife and space is limited this hammock is perfect for storing fruits and veggies. 

campervan kitchen accessories

25. Square Cast Iron Pie Iron

This is the perfect accessory for cooking over an open fire. With this pie iron, you can cook up yummy melted sandwiches, quesadillas, and delicious desserts.  It’s THE thing to have when sitting around a campfire.

campervan kitchen accessories

Final thoughts on campervan kitchen accessories

I really hope that these ideas will make your kitchen meal prep and planning a bit easier.  If nothing else many of these can save a ton of space.  Any clever kitchen accessories were missing?  If so let us know! 

25 Campervan Kitchen Accessories For Van Cooking