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19+ Must-Try Campfire Cocktails Recipes for a Cozy Night Under the Stars

While roaming in our overland truck, we’ve become pros at whipping up some amazing campfire cocktails that really bring our evenings to life.

We’ve put together a list of drinks you’ve gotta try, whether you’re chilling by the fire or just kicking back after a day of exploring.

Think smoky vibes, sweet twists, and everything in between.

While life on the road has limited our space for cocktail concoctions, we haven’t let that dampen our spirits (pun intended).

Despite the downsizing, we’ve adjusted our approach, maintaining a strong cocktail crafting game with a carefully chosen mix of ingredients that still allow us to create unforgettable drinks under the stars.

So, grab your shaker because these campfire cocktail recipes are ready to elevate your outdoor moments to a whole new level.

A pro tip for our bonfire gatherings is we pair our bonfire cocktails with hearty dutch oven meals, foil packet recipes or easy no cook camping foods.

If you’re ready to dive in we’ve gathered up some of our favorite campfire drink recipes so you can enjoy those cozy evenings by the fire.

Bonfire Drinks Recipes And camping cocktail recipes

If you don’t have time to read the whole article here’s a shortcut to find our favorite bonfire drink recipes and campfire cocktail drinks and recipes.

1. S’mores Martini Campfire Cocktail

best campfire cocktails
Courtesy: Host the Toast

A sweet and creamy dessert-inspired libation, the S’mores Martini is a best camping cocktail to enjoy while gathered around the campfire. 

These S’mores Martinis are a blast from the past with their gooey marshmallow and graham cracker rim, and chocolate syrup swirls.

But let me tell you, they’re not just about memories—they’ve got a real kick! These drinks are definitely for the adults, so no sharing with the little ones!

2. Hot Toddy Campfire Drinks– A Favorite Campfire Whiskey Cocktail

This classic hot campfire whiskey cocktail has been enjoyed for centuries to soothe sore throats and warm up on chilly nights around the fire, making it one of the best alcoholic drinks for a bonfire. 

The blend of spices, honey, and citrus creates rich flavors, while the whiskey warms you on a cool night

The steaming beverage is one of our best warm campfire cocktails, because the heat from the mug radiates comfort and relaxation.

Around the campfire, the hot toddy becomes more than just a drink; it’s an invitation to unwind, share stories, play campfire games, and create lasting memories with friends and family.

3. Hot Buttered Rum-One Of Our Favorite Bonfire Alcoholic Drinks

Hot Buttered Rum is a classic, warm, and cozy winter drink. It is made with simple ingredients like butter, spices, brown sugar, and dark rum. 

The butter helps to give the drink a creamy texture while the spices bring out the warmth of the rum. 

As a bonus, the simple, easily transportable ingredients make it an ideal choice for camping adventures. 

Hot buttered rum’s aroma and taste make it a great camping cocktail, fostering camaraderie and overland adventure stories by the campfire.

4. Baileys and Coffee

Courtesy: Baileys

We’re big fans of coffee drinks, especially ones that are creamy and indulgent like Baileys Coffee. It’s a breeze to whip up at camp, requiring just three ingredients.

This Irish Cream coffee concoction delivers top-notch satisfaction! Perfect for a solo indulgence, but feel free to double up for company.

Best of all, its a campfire cocktail with association to holiday festivities adding an element of significance, making it a unique campfire cocktail recipe.

5. Hot Buttered Irish Whiskey Campfire Cocktail

Courtesy: The Spruce Eats

This creamy, delicious whiskey-based cocktail is a delight for a summer or winter evening by the campfire.

It’s made with simple ingredients, including Irish whiskey, butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, ground cinnamon and whipping cream.

Combining these flavors creates a unique and enjoyable taste that will please any whiskey lover. 

As the blend of smooth Irish Whisky, rich butter, and delicate spices meld together, it evokes a sense of warmth and togetherness, perfect for sipping around a crackling fire.

The spirit of camaraderie and storytelling that often accompanies a campfire is further enriched by this bonfire cocktail, making it a memorable part of any camping trip.

6. Fireball Hot Cider

bonfire night cocktails
Courtesy: Honey B’s Kitchen

Spicy mixed drinks are all the rage at summer gatherings, but they don’t have to be complicated. This easy camping cocktail recipe is a great way to share warmth with your friends around the fire. 

The heat generated from this cinnamon-infused whiskey creates an enticing warmth that is both soothing and invigorating. This warmth, coupled with the sweet and tangy apple cider, gives off a nostalgic sensation reminiscent of autumn nights and festive gatherings.

The rich aroma that arises as the two ingredients meld together further enhances the overall experience.

Making The Best Campfire Cocktails

vanlife cocktail kit

Take your camping cocktails to the next level with the Stanley mixer set. We’ve been using ours for years and comes in super handy for adding that fresh juice or giving the perfect shake to your bonfire cocktail creations.

7. Hot Spiced Cider with Rum 

Hot Spiced Cider with Rum is a great campfire alcoholic drink to enjoy during chilly weather. This delicious, warm beverage can be made with just a few ingredients and will certainly put you in the mood for a cozy night by the fire. 

It delivers a delightful contrast between the invigorating heat from the fire and the crisp, cool outdoor air.

Aromatic spices like cinnamon, cloves, and allspice create a rich, soothing flavor profile, while the rum adds depth and complexity.

Its fragrant aroma evokes a sense of nostalgia, drawing people together around the campfire.

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8. Campfire Whiskey Sour

bonfire drinks
Courtesy: Camille Styles

Dating back to the 1870s, this timeless drink has stood the test of time for a reason. It skillfully blends the robust flavors of whiskey with the tang of freshly-squeezed lemon juice and a touch of sweetness.

The advantage of crafting your own whiskey sour lies in the ability to adjust the ingredient proportions to achieve your desired balance of sweetness and tartness.

9. Campfire Mulled Wine

Courtesy: Fresh Off The Grid

Mulled wine, a cozy blend of wine, and only a few spices spices, and fruit, has always been our go-to for outdoor get-togethers, especially by the campfire. Its flavorful and aromatic qualities make it the perfect companion for those chilly nights under the stars.

What we love most about mulled wine is its unique taste, combining the fruity notes of the wine with the comforting spices.

10. Irish Coffee

If you prefer a warm comforting cocktail with a bit of caffeine, try whipping up some Irish coffee. As you gather around the flames, this camping cocktail brings people together with its rich, creamy taste. 

We like using freshly ground beans for brewing our coffee. If you’re after an extra caffeine boost, this handheld espresso maker is just what you need.

Pro tip: Finish your Irish coffee with a dollop of whipped cream for a silky, luxurious touch, turning it into the ultimate fireside indulgence for memorable evenings under the stars.

11. Smoky Margarita- Perfect Summer Campfire Drink

smoky marg bonfire drinks
Courtesy: Diffords Guide

Enjoy margarita the new way. The key ingredient in this cocktail is mezcal, which adds an earthy, smoky taste that pairs perfectly with the citrus flavors of tequila and lime juice. 

Its distinct smokiness, derived from mezcal, harmonizes with the campfire ambiance, creating a multi-sensory experience that evokes the essence of the outdoors. 

The blend of tangy citrus flavors, balanced with a hint of sweetness, adds depth and complexity to the drink, making it a delightful companion to fireside stories and laughter. 

The Smokey Margarita’s flavors and aromas create an inviting atmosphere, encapsulating the spirit of togetherness and adventure that comes with gathering around a crackling campfire.

12. Maple Campfire Old-Fashioned

Courtesy: Diffords Guide

This traditional cocktail gets an upgrade with the addition of maple syrup. Its rich, warm flavors, with the distinct sweetness of maple syrup and the subtle smokiness of bourbon, blend harmoniously to provide a smooth, satisfying experience. 

The velvety texture and captivating aroma of the Maple Old-Fashioned create an unparalleled ambiance, seamlessly complementing the serene beauty of nature and fostering a sense of togetherness under the starlit sky.

13. Campfire Hot Chocolate With Peanut Butter Whiskey

Courtesy: Champagne Tastes

I don’t know about you, but for us, a single package of hot chocolate mix can go a long way. In this particular instance, this alcoholic campfire hot chocolate is the perfect way to make the most of it.

With just a few simple ingredients, we can transform a basic camping staple into a delightful treat that warms both body and spirit by the campfire.

This rich comforting cocktail is make with warm milk, hot chocolate mix, and peanut butter whiskey, with a finishing touch of toasted marshmallows.

14. Whiskey Ginger Camping Cocktail

With its refreshing taste and chilled vibes, it’s the ultimate drink by the campfire during those warm summer evenings. Grab a glass, sit back, and let its crispness complement the crackling flames perfectly.

You can whip up this whiskey and ginger ale (or bourbon and ginger ale) in just three easy steps, taking less than a minute. It tastes just like what you’d get at your favorite restaurant or bar.

You’ve got options with this cocktail – ginger beer or ginger ale both work. Ginger beer brings a bold flavor, while ginger ale offers a slightly sweeter taste. Feeling adventurous? Skip the ginger altogether and opt for lemon-lime soda instead.

15. Jalepeno Margarita

Image Credit: Laura Loves To Cook

I like to keep things easy yet classy when mixing up cocktails for camping and often draw inspiration from the simplicity of nature itself, opting for drinks that highlight fresh flavors and minimal ingredients.

This camping cocktail is no exception, as it combines the vibrant flavors of jalapeno peppers with the classic tang of a margarita.

It’s the perfect balance of spicy and refreshing, making it an ideal companion for outdoor adventures.

16. Hibiscus Dark And Stormy

Image Credit: The Fresh Cooky

You know why I dig a hibiscus dark and stormy? It’s like a vacation in a glass! The mix of dark rum, spicy ginger beer, and that floral hibiscus takes me a tropical escape right in the middle of nature’s playground.

It’s the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, all wrapped up in a refreshing cocktail that’s easy going and easy to make.

17. White Russian Campfire Cocktail

Image Credit: A Couple Cooks

Ah, the White Russian – a classic cocktail with a creamy, indulgent twist. I love bringing this iconic drink to the campfire scene.

With just vodka, coffee liqueur, and a splash of cream over ice, it’s easy to whip up and oh-so-satisfying to sip on. It’s just the thing to sip on by the campfire, with its smooth flavors blending perfectly with the crisp night air. It’s like a little slice of luxury in the great outdoors, and once you try it, you’ll be hooked!

Did you know? Kahlua is a coffee liqueur made in Mexico with rum, sugar and coffee.

18. Adult Capri Suns

Image Credit: Dining With Alice

Adult Capri Suns are a fun pre-made camping cocktail with a twist on the classic childhood favorite, offering a fun way to enjoy your favorite cocktails on the go.

With their convenient pouch packaging and wide range of flavors, from fruity mixes to refreshing spritzers, they’re perfect for picnics, beach days, or any outdoor adventure. Just grab, sip, and savor the nostalgia with a grown-up twist.

19. Michelada

Image Credit: Snow Peak

Gathering around a campfire with a drink in hand is one of those quintessential outdoor experiences, and there’s no better way to spice it up than with a Michelada, the perfect campfire companion.

This Mexican-inspired beer cocktail blends the refreshing taste of cold beer with the tangy zing of lime and the savory depth of hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce, making it a standout drink that’s both refreshing and packed with flavor.

Additional Ideas For Our Favorite Easy Cocktails For Camping

We understand that you may not have the time or space to prepare some of our favorite drinks by the fire listed above in that case here’s a quick list of east cocktails for camping that only require 3 ingredients.

Make Ahead Cocktails For Camping

If you’re looking for the best make ahead cocktails for your next camping trip I highly recommend a batch of pre-mixed margaritas or a large pitcher of sangria.

These drinks are easy to prepare in advance and can be stored in a cooler until ready to serve. Another great option is a batch of mojitos or a or jar full of bloody mary mix.

Just be sure to pack plenty of ice to keep your drinks cold!

Camping Cocktail Tips For The Ultimate bonfire night cocktails

  1. If refrigerator or cooler space is limited, opt for cocktails that are enjoyable when served hot or at room temperature, such as Campfire Hot Chocolate with Peanut Butter Whiskey or Bourbon Spiked Apple Cider.
  2. When preparing drinks for a group with both drinkers and non-drinkers, choose cocktails where the non-alcoholic base can be premixed in a pitcher and served as is or with the option of adding seltzer or soda. Allow adults to add their preferred alcohol to their own cups.
  3. If you’re dealing with limited space and weight constraints, consider packing mini bottles of liquor instead of full-size bottles. Even wine and prosecco often come in cans or small bottles (sometimes referred to as “splits”), which are easier to transport than regular-sized wine bottles.
  4. Pre-mix your cocktails! Drinks like the Pomegranate Margarita, Bourbon Margarita, Boulivardier, and Tequila Paloma can be prepared in a pitcher before your camping trip. This way, you only need to make room for the pitcher, rather than all the individual ingredients.

Make Things Easier with Campfire Cocktail Kits

vanlife cocktail kit

Consider bringing a campfire cocktail kit on your next outdoor adventure for a fun and easy way to enjoy delicious drinks.

These kits include all the necessary tools for mixing up classic cocktails and experimenting with new flavors. Not only do they bring your group together around the fire, but they also make a great gift for women and cocktail lovers.

Rounding Up The Best Camp Cocktails And cozy camping recipes

After exploring all of our delectable campfire cocktails, it’s clear there are endless possibilities when it comes to outdoor libations. 

We’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the best campfire cocktails recipes that can be made over an open flame. It’s time to get creative in your outdoor activities and find ways to add flavor to your next campsite experience. 

So what are you waiting for? Gather your materials, follow some of these recipes, and leave family and friends impressed with your fancy camping cocktails. Cheers.

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