I know I keep saying this but travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Below are some of my favorite cheap international vacations for 2019 that won’t break the bank. Having traveled to all of these places I can assure you these cheap trips abroad are all worth a visit.

So sit back and relax as we cruise these cheap worldwide destinations.

Lviv, Ukrain

Dubbed the “little Paris,” Lviv reminded me of a perfect blend between Prague and Paris. It’s a charming town and insanely beautiful.

Lviv has the highest cafes per capita in the world! Making this an ideal place to people watch and sip on your favorite beverage. The narrow roads are dotted with cafes along with clunky streetcars that chug along on the tracks.

cheap travel destinations

It’s a friendly place with many town squares making it a delight to walk on foot.

Lviv Travel Info:

Must Do’s

  • Rynok Square
  • Virmenska and Lesi Ukrainky streets in the Old-Town
  • Potocki Palace – A mansion in the heart of downtown
  • High Castle Hill – Take in the views from Lviv’s highest point


What It Costs

  • Cost of living index is 75% lower than New York
  • Pint of beer $1
  • Capuccino $1
  • Mid-range restaurant, 3 course meal for two $15


5-Star from $100

Bank Hotel – Check prices

3-Star from $25

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Pokhara, Nepal

Few places have made an impact on me as big as Nepal. Hands-down one of my wife and I’s favorite places. There are so many reasons to love Nepal but its affordability is a big one.

Pokhara is located on Phewa Lake, in central Nepal. It’s considered the gateway to the Annapurna Circuit, one of the worlds most popular treks.

The Annapurna Circuit is about a 15-day trek taking your from 3,000 feet to over 18,000 feet. A true epic!

Be sure to check out our Annapurna Circuit Guide if it’s on your bucket list.

Must Do’s

  • Phewa Lake – Nepal’s largest lake that butts up against the mountains of Annapurna. If you’re lucky you can catch a glimpse of the mighty Annapurna Peak.
  • International Mountain Museum – A museum dedicated to the people of the mountains. Famous mountaineers, the culture of mountain people, and how they survived in one of the world’s most unforgiving environments.
  • World Peace Pagoda – A magical place to take in a sunset or sunrise with it’s unobstructed views.
  • Ghorepani Poon Hill – A popular alternative to the Annapurna trek if you are short on time. Takes only 4-5 days but is a bit more commercialized.

What it costs

  • Cost of living index is 72% lower than New York
  • Pint of beer $2
  • Cappuccino $1.50
  • Mid-range restaurant, 3-course meal for two $10


5-Star $100

Rupakot Resort – Check Prices

3-Star for around $20

Hotel Middle Path and Spa – Check prices

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Kep, Cambodia

This seaside city filled with sandy beaches begs you to just take it easy. The food, in particular seafood, is terrific here.

Home to the Kep National Park there is no shortage of hiking and exploring to be had once you’ve gotten your fill of the sandy beaches. Kep is a friendly and laid back town great for families.

Must Do’s


  • Kep National Park – Located up in the hills just outside of town you’ll be rewarded with a lush jungle offering up an array of activities.
  • Rabbit Island – Just a 20-minute boat ride where you can enjoy even more sandy beaches. The chill island has several places to eat so grab a bite, a hammock and enjoy life.
  • Crab Market – Kep cranks out some delicious seafood and is perhaps most famous for its crab. Head to the crab market where they will catch, prepare, and serve you some delicious crab.

What it costs

  • Cost of living index is 55% lower than New York
  • Pint of beer $1
  • Capuccino $2
  • Mid-range restaurant, 3-course meal for two $20.
  • Average lunch at a cafe $3.50


5-Star from $150

Knai Bang Chatt Resort – Check Prices

3-Star from $30

Raingsey Bungalow – Check Prices

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Northern Thailand

Yes I know, Thailand is touristy but northern Thailand gets you away from the crowds and is immensely beautiful.

The Golden Triangle, where Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos all meet offer up cooler temps and a break from the intense heat of the lower country.

Northern Thailand is all about the mountains, small villages, culture, and some of the friendliest locals that haven’t been corrupted by tourism. Consider a homestay to get a real taste of the culture.

Must Visit Places

  • Chiang Mai – A trip to the north wouldn’t be complete without a stop here. The old city is surrounded by a defensive wall and moat that still stands today
  • Pai – Once you get your taste of the big city of Chiang Mai it’s time to head further North to Pai. A more chill vibe in a lush and green landscape that is becoming immensely popular so you’d better hurry.
  • Mae Hong Son – A scenic but twisty 6-hour drive from Chiang Mai will land you in this less visited part of the north. This is a great place to visit by motorbike if you’re up for it.

What It Costs

  • Cost of living index is 56% lower than New York
  • Pint of beer $2
  • Capuccino $1.75
  • Mid-range restaurant, 3-course meal for two $15.
  • Average lunch at a cafe $2

Accommodations (Chiang Mai)

5-Star from $60

Phra Singh Village – Check prices

3-Star starting at $15

Vieng Mantra Hotel – Check prices

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Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnam will always be a top 3 for the wife and I. You’d be hard pressed to find another country that can make your money go further. And holy crap this place is beautiful and the people are really nice.

The UNESCO Ancient Town of Hoi An, best known for its lanterns, offers up tremendous value. We absolutely loved the architecture and small streets.

The food is terrific, the people are nice, and a beer will cost you less than a dollar.

Must Do’s

  • Explore the ancient town of Hoi An – A UNESCO site rich with history both past and present
  • Riverside – The river comes to life in the mornings and evenings. It’s absolutely stunning. The lights and colors are unforgettable.
  • Eat lots of food – Don’t forget to try Banh Mi, a tasty lunch-time sandwich that can be found just about anywhere.

What It Costs

  • Pint of beer 75 cents
  • Cappuccino $1.50
  • Mid-range restaurant, 3-course meal for two $12.
  • Average lunch at a cafe $1.50


5-Star from $100

Hotel Royal – Check Prices


Jade Hotel – Check Prices

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Essaouira, Morocco

At just a stones throw away from Europe, Morocco couldn’t feel more different. Essaouira is a beautiful beach town on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.

The cities medina (city center) has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site. The medina, a fortress like network of narrow streets and walkways, are filled with shops, restaurants, and markets.

The area is a major fishing harbor for Morocco so you can expect some of the freshest seafood.

Must Do’s

  • Hit the sandy beaches
  • Windsurf or Kiteboard
  • Cooking classes
  • Fish market – Enjoy some fresh fish at the market that they will cook up for you right on the spot

What It Costs

  • Pint of beer $3
  • Cappuccino $1.50
  • Mid-range restaurant, 3-course meal for two $12.
  • Average lunch at a cafe $2.50


5-Star from $90

Atlas Essaouira & Spa – Check prices

3-Star from $35

La Perle de Mogador –Check prices

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Banos, Equador

Nestled up against the active volcano Tungurahua, the small city of Banos is perhaps best known as the “gateway to the Amazon.”

There are a TON of things to do here and if you’re craving some adventure you won’t be disappointed. Horseback riding, mountain biking, rock climbing, paragliding, 4×4 rentals, multi-day jungle treks, and bungee jumping to name just a few.

Must Do’s

  • Giant Rope Swing – The “End Of The World” rope swing at Casa De Arbol is a must. You’ve seen the pictures now it’s time to take the swing.
  • Ruta de las Cascadas – This route passes through some amazing jungle and 7 immense waterfalls.
  • Thermal Baths – Banos is named after its thermal baths and they should not be missed.
  • Zipline – Zipline tours are everywhere and a great way to get up and close with the mighty canopies of the jungle.

What It Costs

  • Pint of beer $1.50
  • Capuccino $1.50
  • Mid-range restaurant, 3-course meal for two $20.
  • Average lunch at a cafe $3.50


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