devil's bridge hike

Devil’s Bridge hike in Sedona Arizona greets you from the start with sweeping views and lush high alpine desert but it’s the finish that’s really special. This exciting trail throws down big, with an opportunity to stand on top of this massive yet delicate arch.

If you haven’t stood atop an arch then it’s time to scratch that one off your bucket list.  Join us as we tackle one of Sedona’s most popular trails.

Here’s a quick video of the hike to get you pumped

ABOUT the Hike

Located right in Sedona, Devil’s Bridge Hike is a must-do that should be easy to fit in, even for the busiest of schedules. The trailhead starts just 5 miles from town and can be combined with a number of other trails should you want a longer hike.

Be warned, this trail does get busy but it’s busy for a reason, it’s awesome! I’ll throw out a Local Tip here in a bit on how to avoid some of the crowds.

devil's bridge hike


If I had to pick the best time in general to visit Arizona, I would say the winter. The temps are cool and the crowds are gone. While it’s true, some places like the North Rim of the Grand Canyon are closed, Arizona in the winter is a magical place.

And if you’re lucky as we were to have a dusting of snow, the white on red of the Sedona Red Rocks is a stunning site.

Regardless of the season, avoid weekends and try for early mornings or late evenings to avoid the crowds.

devil's bridge hike

Yaktrax were a must while hiking around Arizona in the winter. From Grand Canyon to the Arches National Park these came in real handy.

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Devil’s bridge hike parking

The Devil’s Bridge parking lot is actually about a mile from the trail head. While you can drive down Dry Creek Rd to the trailhead it’s recommended only for high clearance 4-wheel drive vehicles. Even your average SUV would have trouble. In my opinion, it’s best to just hike to the trailhead. Or better yet follow the Pro Tip below.

devil's bridge hike

This is the hike along the 4X4 road to the trailhead if you choose to park at the main parking area. Check the map above and you’ll notice some side trails you can take instead of the road.

Devil’s Bridge Hike PRO TIP: Don’t park at the main lot for this hike ESPECIALLY during the busy season. Even in the middle of the winter this place gets packed. Instead, park at Mescal Trailhead or for a little longer hike park at Long Canyon Trailhead.

Both of these can be found on the map above and will amount to 4 miles total roundtrip.


devil's bridge hike

The trail itself starts out relatively flat with a few short ups as you meander your way through this scenic canyon. You’ll want your camera out for the entire hike as you pass through the red rock canyon filled with all sorts of cacti and Juniper.

At around 3/4 of a mile from the Devil’s Bridge trailhead (not the parking lot) you’ll have the option to go left where you can visit the base of the arch and gaze up at this mighty beast.

If you stay right you will begin your journey up to the arch itself. From here the hike gets a bit narrow and steeper.

devil's bridge hike

This is where Devil’s Bridge Hike really gets fun.  As the trail steepens the path becomes more ledgy and rocky and tight in some places where you may need to yield to fellow hikers. There are plenty of places to catch your breath as well as some great viewpoints to grab a quick bite.

devil's bridge hike

Notice the people standing on the rock – one of the many great viewpoints along the way.

Once on top you’ll be rewarded with a terrific view of the arch as well as a chance to walk on the arch itself. While the arch may look narrow it’s actually plenty wide to walk on for those that can handle the heights.

devil's bridge hike

Congrats you made it! Now get out on this thing and leave the camera with a fellow hiker for an epic photo opportunity. Standing on an arch is a bucket list must.



Sedona\'s Devil\'s Bridge Hike - Stand Atop A Mighty Arch