Meet RockSea Our Overland Truck

Our love for the nomadic lifestyle started after building our first camper in 2015. It was a 2015 Ford Transit with a QuadVan 4WD conversion.

We actually did an initial build and then 3 years later gutted it for our final design.

We took that thing everywhere and while we loved it we just couldn’t help but want something a touch bigger and more capable off road.

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We’ve got a ton of info on our journey of building our DIY Overland Truck RockSea. We recommend you start below with our 5 part build series.

We go over everything from start to finish and even include the mishaps and things we would NOT do again. This build series is exactly what we wish we had when building our first camper and we hope this will help to spur ideas and prevent some costly mistakes for your DIY build

Start Here Part 1

We take you through the key factors that helped us decide on a chassis and then on to the camper box we chose. Includes a 360 walk around video of the new Overland Truck.

Parts 2-5 coming soon

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