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How to Obtain Citizenship in Your Dream Country: Insights from the Global Residence Index

Obtaining citizenship in another country has become easier than before because the application process has become much more streamlined than ever. At the same time, the growing number of people looking forward to settling somewhere other than their native country is also exponentially growing by the day. 

A lot about obtaining citizenship in another country depends on the country you want to apply to. European countries, especially those that are part of the EU, have different rules and regulations from non-European countries but it is not easy to know about them for someone who has newly started the process. 

While immigrating as a skilled worker remains a popular choice for many, there are other methods you can try as well. 

In such cases, approaching a professional agency can make things easier for you as they have the knowhow to help you settle in many countries across the globe. 

Ways of Obtaining Citizenship in your Dream Country 

Depending on your requirements, your profession, age and size of family, you can apply for obtaining citizenship in your dream country.

Here are some methods you can try. 

Citizenship by Investment

Obtaining citizenship by investment is one of the best ways of gaining permanent residence in a country. With this kind of citizenship, you can gain entry into your dream country in far less time compared to other forms of citizenship. 

For example, one can have to wait for up to seven years till one obtains a green card in the USA before they can apply for citizenship and the initial process involves getting a job as a skilled worker and multiple rounds of interviews. 

However, with citizenship by investment, you will be considered an asset in the country because you are investing your money there, and you can gain entry within weeks. The investment may be in the form of starting a business, or investing in development zones, as designated by the government of your target country. 

You will get residency rights almost immediately. Countries like Malta, Turkey and Montenegro, among others offer the “Golden Visa” opportunity, which is the citizenship by investment program as offered by these countries. 

You need to do your research about which sector you want to invest in so that the returns keep coming smoothly as well. This will pave the way for the dream lifestyle that you are envisioning in this new country. 

Dual Citizenship 

Another way of obtaining citizenship in another country is by applying for a dual citizenship. 

If you do not want to give up the citizenship of your country due to family obligations, then you may try this option. You can retain the passport of your native country and then go on to enjoy the perks of the second country as well. 

Dual citizenship allows one to become a global citizen, with numerous perks being offered by the second country in terms of business, education and medical facilities. Moreover, the next generation also gets the opportunity to get permanent citizenship in the second country by default, and this will help you secure the future of your children. 

You can enjoy a better quality of life, in terms of enhanced lifestyle and the second passport can enable you to travel visa-free to many other countries, or get visa-on-entry. 

Most importantly, you can enjoy tax breaks that you may not be eligible for, even in your own country. For example, many apply for a second citizenship in countries like Bulgaria or Republic of Dominica, just because of their lucrative tax options. 

Dual citizenship is sure to make your life better and will open up a world of opportunities for you, as you comfortably straddle both worlds. 

How to Ensure that You can Get Citizenship in your Dream Country?

If you want to obtain citizenship in another country, then it is important to plan a little in advance. 

You need to be prepared in terms of building the correct mindset, and your documentation should be in order. 

In addition to having an impeccable record back home, you must have proof that your investment money is coming from clean sources if you are applying for the Golden Visa system. 

Before you get the permission to immigrate to any country, you will have to go through a rigorous background check and in any other channels of entering the country, this could take a lot of time. 

However, when you want to invest in another country, these background checks are conducted very quickly and you or your family do not have to wait endlessly for visa processing. Everything is streamlined and moves through the highest channels. 

You must also ensure that your documents are all in place. 

Researching about the culture of the country will also help you a lot. For example, the boisterous culture of Portugal or the flamboyant lifestyle of Malta can leave you in awe at first, but it is a pleasure to settle down and you will get used to them soon as well. 


Immigrating to another country, no matter how exciting, will bring a certain amount of worry. After all, it is a big move and a huge step for a better future for you and your family. You will already have a lot on your mind about getting settled in a new land, looking for suitable accommodation, the right schools for your children and so on.

You should not have to worry about the intricate details on the application process over and above it.Once the basics are in order, a professional agency like can help you with the rest, and you will soon find yourself settling in your dream country. 

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