Hot Springs Arkansas’ Northwoods Trail System is home to over 26 miles of mountain biking bliss.  Construction of the park began in 2017 with an additional 25 miles of trails planned in the near future.

The Northwoods system includes beginner to advanced single track, flow trails, jump lines, and even a Freeride style trail called Lucky 13.

This purpose-built mountain bike trail system has put Hot Springs Arkansas on the map as a premier mountain bike destination.

General Information

Mileage: 26 miles completed with another 25 planned

Difficulty: Beginner to advanced trails

Local Trail ClubTACO(Trail Advocacy Coalition of the Ouachitas)


From the main trailhead you’ll have the choice of working your way either East or West.

To the East you’ll find several great beginner and intermediate trails.  Freeman trail is one of the more scenic trails in the area offering up some classic and fast single track all with amazing views.

northwoods trail hot springs arkansas

If you’re not using this FREE trail map app it’s time you start.  All of the trails mentioned here can be found on TrailForks and even used off-line while riding.  Check it out!!!  Did we mention it’s free!

The West part of Northwoods Trails is where you’ll find some of their directional downhill only trails.  Ranging from intermediate to downright huge there’s something for everyone here.  The downhill trails are all relatively short so plan on making several laps.

Waterworks Trail is the main “up” climbing trail to get you to the top where you’ll have several down options ranging from intermediate to advanced.

Once up top start with Ragnarok which is a pump and bump style ride with great flow and berms so you never have to scrub any speed.

If a jumpy trail with tabletops (which are all rollable) sounds good give Bluejay a try.


northwoods arkansas bike trails

To catch even more air time be sure to ride Lucky 13.  It’s their premier jump trail and is an absolute blast.  The features are well built and we frankly could not get enough of it.

It’s a half mile of big hits, gaps, and massive berms.

northwoods lucky 13

Check out the video below for a look at the riding in Northwoods Arkansas

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Northwoods Mountain Biking Trails Final Verdict

Despite having some rather wet weather while in Hot Springs Arkansas we had an absolute blast riding Northwoods Trails.  The modern trail design along with amazing scenery checked all the boxes for us.

Whether you’re looking for a premier big hit jump trail or some rippin’ fast bermed out goodness this place has it.  And it’s only going to get better as they have an additional 25 miles of trails planned!

In addition to a great trail system the town of Hot Springs Arkansas was a blast as well.  Spend some time at the Hot Springs National Park, get your soak on, enjoy some great food, and indulge in some fun watering holes.  We had no problem keeping ourselves entertained here for a few days.