Overland Box Truck Gear That’s Passed Our Test

The amount of time we’ve put into researching gear for our Overland Truck has been well, let’s just say a lot. Having such a compact living space demands precision when picking the things that will accompany you on overland travel.

What’s even more challenging is finding the things that can hold up to the rigors of overland camping and travel.

With that being said we’d like to share some of our favorite items and equipment that has made our adventures better. EVERYTHING here has been on the road with us for 2 or more years of bumpy, dusty, and salty air adventure.

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Overland Approved Kitchen Items

  • AeroPress – We love ourselves a good cup of joe and for years we used the AeroPress coffee maker. It’s super compact which was perfect for our tiny kitchen in the old van. It’s cheap, durable, compact and makes delicious coffee. What else can you ask for.
  • Tchibo Espresso Machine – I’m embarrassed to say we have a full on espresso machine in the new rig. What’s worse is it basically does everything for you. Even dumping the spent grounds! It grinds the coffee, packs the grind, pours espresso shots or Americano, then dumps the spent grind. It’s amazing. I never in a million years thought it would hold up to the bumpy roads, salty air, and dust. But it has and is still working awesome! It’s not cheap but oh so delicious.
  • Stanley Drink Shaker – When it’s time for a crisp cocktail the Stanley shaker kit comes out. Complete stainless steel shaker with juicer and 2 cups that all nest together for your mini bar.
  • Induction Cooktop – This is the 2-burner induction cooktop we’ve been using now for about 4 years. We love how it mounts almost flush making for a super clean install. After many miles of rough road it just keeps tickin’.
  • Benchmade Station Knife – I’m a sucker for a sharp knife and the Benchmade will not disappoint. Buy once, cry once, but making fresh ceviche and thinly sliced tomatoes in Baja is just better with a sharp knife.
  • Lodge Dutch Oven – Yes it’s big. Yes it’s heavy. But man are they great for cooking over the campfire in. If you’re new to campfire cooking check out these Dutch Oven basics including a few recipes to get you started.


  • Sonos Move Speaker – If premium room filling sound is your thing the portable Sonos Move has been a welcomed addition to our camper. They even have a Move 2 now but I’d just grab a deal on the old model.
  • Sony VIZIO TV – This 24″ gem has been mounted to our wall since day 1 and not even the salty air, dust, or humidity can stop it. Has all the smart TV connectivity you need and has a nice thin profile.
  • TV Wall Mount – This is the swing out TV mount that we’re using. Has a simple locking mechanism for tackling them rough roads.


Get Outside!

  • Hammock – You gotta have at least one hammock and best of all they take up no space. Tie one end to your ridiculously large bumper and the other end to your favorite tree. That’s an Instagram worthy nap right there.
  • Sand Free Mat – These mats from CGear are trusted by all our river guide friends and they are amazing. Sand literally disappears when you walk on them. Don’t go to Baja without one.
  • Sven Folding Saw – Cutting firewood just got a whole lot easier. This rad little triangle saw folds up into almost nothing.
  • Bear Spray – Not just for bears as these are a great non-lethal self defense option. We keep one in the cab and one in the camper. Costco often has these 2 for 1 if you’re near bear country.
  • First Aid Kit – It goes without saying that a first aid kit is a must but not all kits are equal. Having spent a good part of my career as a medic with the fire department I put together what I think is a good starting point. You can find that article here.
  • Steri Pen – While traditional water filters are okay they don’t provide protection against viruses which is your concern with international travel. Plus they are big and bulky. Check it our Steri Pen review and why it’s an essential piece of equipment for Overland travel.
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