Beginner Guide To Nomadic Living



Don’t miss getting our Beginner Guide to Nomadic Living Ebook. This 95+ page book is available for a limited time offer.


It’s packed full of worksheets and information to make your transition to living on the road as easy as possible

  • Terminology
  • The increase in popularity of nomadism
  • Your Situation (What to do with your home)
  • What to do with your stuff
  • How to make money
  • How to get mail
  • How to find water on the road
  • Mental and health wellness
  • Cooking on the road
  • Understanding camping and land ownership descriptions
  • Finding safe places to park and sleep
  • Getting WiFi on the road
  • Finding community on the road
  • Tips and Tricks for making the nomadic life sustainable

We’ll also share with you:

Our Exclusive Facebook group that you can join to begin creating community on the road. How to budget and save money while traveling. The best resources for digital nomads and how to find safe places to sleep in your van or RV.  Tips for downsizing your life and living minimally And much more!






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