Saving Money For Travel

Save Money For Travel

We all know travel can be expensive.  Would having a little more cash in your wallet help you travel more?  Or what if we could help you make travel more affordable?  Or perhaps you’re looking to create a life where you are your own boss.  Working from anywhere in the world.

There’s no shortage of tricks out there to make travel more affordable.  So dive in and have a look at all the ways you can keep travel affordable.

Travel Hacks

Travel credit cards, points, and FREE travel tricks

Cheap Travel Destinations

Our favorite world-wide affordable destinations

Flights and Accommodations

How to find the best deals in travel

Budget Ninja

Budget and savings tips so you can travel more

Side Income

You really can make some extra cash on the side

Full-Time Travel

You’ve made it know what?  Healthcare, retirement planning…

Grab a copy of our FREE E-book that covers the basics of finance.  These are many of the things that we’ve done to allow for this lifestyle.

  • Two easy ways to create a budget
  • 401k’s, IRA’s and investing for retirement
  • Health Savings Account(HSA) and why it makes a great early retirement account
  • Emergency Fund and why you need one

Have you heard of the Roth IRA Ladder?  It’s a game changer for early retirement.

FIRE Has Too Many Rules

FIRE Has Too Many Rules

I’m not gonna lie, this whole FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) thing sure grabbed my attention.  It’s only been over the past few years that I’d even heard of such a thing.  But I’m not one to follow by the rules and for me, FIRE has too many...