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This Little-Known Country Is The Next Big Thing For Adventure Seekers

This newly discovered gem on the Africa’s west coast could be the next big thing in travel. This Spanish speaking country checks all the boxes for an epic vacation spot. Let’s dive in and learn why Equatorial Guinea is trending right now.

As a traveler, you might find your next big adventure in Equatorial Guinea, a hidden gem unveiled by Catalina Martinez, the Secretary of State for Tourism. Located on Africa’s west coast, this country offers serene beaches, an array of wildlife including gorillas, and a modern infrastructure that ensures a comfortable stay.

With five airports, including three international ones, getting there is more accessible than ever. Moreover, the presence of international-standard hotels, including renowned chains like Hilton and Accor, adds to the allure for travelers seeking both adventure and luxury.

Declared independent from Spain in 1968, Equatorial Guinea is unique as Africa’s only Spanish-speaking country. Despite its small size, comparable to Costa Rica, it packs a punch with its diversity. The country comprises a mainland region rich in forests and jungles, alongside vibrant villages and a deep cultural heritage that tells stories of its past and present.

The capital, Malabo, located on the island of Bioko, is a gateway to exploring the other islands such as Annobon and Corisco, renowned for their untouched beaches. The country’s cuisine is a delightful fusion of African and Spanish influences, offering a culinary journey as diverse as its landscapes.

For the nature enthusiasts, Equatorial Guinea is a paradise with its 12 national parks, providing ample opportunities for wildlife viewing and nature treks. Golf lovers are not left out, with three courses offering leisurely play in stunning settings.

A standout in the hospitality sector is the Grand Hotel Djibloho in Malabo, marking itself as one of central Africa’s most ambitious luxury hotels in recent years. This offers travelers a unique blend of local charm and international luxury.

As a traveler, Equatorial Guinea presents an opportunity to explore a relatively undiscovered part of the world. From its cultural richness to natural splendors, it promises a travel experience that is both unique and memorable.

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