things to do in twin falls idaho

With one of the country’s most scenic river canyons in its backyard, Twin Falls offers up some great things to do and explore.

From the massive Shoshone Falls, Perrine Memorial Bridge, and even the famous Evel Knievel jump-site there are tons of fun things to do in Twin Falls Idaho.

1. Shoshone Falls

things to do in twin falls idaho

Perhaps the most dramatic natural attraction of the entire Snake River Canyon is Shoshone Falls.  Dubbed the “Niagra Of The West” these massive falls are actually taller than Niagra.

They are located just minutes from town or better yet hike to the falls along the mellow Snake River Canyon Trail.  The falls are their biggest during the spring runoff between April and July.  Check out our Shoshone Falls guide for further details.

Here’s some drone footage of the falls we took this spring.  Absolutely stunning!

2. Dierkes Lake

things to do in twin falls idaho

Located just past Shoshone Falls via the Snake River Trail, it shares the same parking lot as the falls.  Dierkes Lake is a popular fishing and swimming hole.  A great place to cool off during the hotter months all while enjoying the scenic Snake River Canyon.

There are docks to swim from as well as rock cliffs should you desire an exhilarating jump.  You might even catch some rock climbers on the cliffs with their trusty belay partner, the river, standing guard from below.

3. Canyon Springs Golf Course

things to do in twin falls idaho

Canyon Springs Golf Course | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane

I’m a terrible golfer but just one look at this course almost makes a golfer out of me.  Canyon Springs Golf Course is absolutely stunning.  Sitting in the bottom of the Snake River Canyon the course splashes spots of green amongst the rock and cliffs all while the Snake River carves its way through.

Just when you’re about to snap your club in half all you’ll have to do is look up at the numerous waterfalls and the massive Perrine Bridge to bring you back to your Happy Gilmore place.

4.  Centennial Waterfront Park

things to do in twin falls idaho

This lush, green, and downright cool park is adjacent to the Canyon Springs Golf Course.  With plenty of green grass, picnic tables, and barbeques it’s easy to kill a day here.  

There is both motorized and non-motorized boating available as well as a playground for the kids.  There’s even a nearby Zipline course for a truly unique view of the Snake River Canyon.

5.  Walk Behind Perrine Coulee Falls

things to do in twin falls idaho

If you start at the restaurant  and walk about a 100 yards towards the bridge you will come to an overlook where you can see Perrine Falls.  You’ll also have good views of the Centennial Waterfront park and golf course.

This same path will eventually take you to Shoshone Falls and is 8 miles round trip.  Details here.

The view of the Perrine Falls from up top is great but be sure to walk to the falls from Centennial Park while you’re down there.

The Canyon Springs road that takes you down to the Centennial Park has a small parking area right as you reach the valley floor.  Park there and walk back up the road where you can scramble right up to the waterfall.


things to do in twin falls idaho

Perrine Falls from above with the switchback road that takes you down to the park.

What’s cool about the falls is that you can walk right behind them.  Expect to get a touch wet but trust me it’s worth it.  Through the cascading water you’ll see the golf course, waterfront park, and Perrine Bridge.  

Get out and explore

Twin Falls Idaho was a good reminder for us that you don’t always have to travel far to find some great things to do.  Don’t forget to explore your own back yard.  We were stoked to find these fun things to do in Twin Falls Idaho.

5 Fun and Unique Things To Do In Twin Falls Idaho