Travel Resources

I’ve compiled my favorite travel resources below. These are what I use to get the best deals on flights, hotels, and other travel stuff. Some of these are affiliate links where I earn a small kickback, at no cost to you, if you use them.

In fact, your experience using these sites will be no different than it would be by going directly to the site.

I appreciate your support by using these links when you’re booking your next trip. It helps a great deal to cover the cost of running this site.

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Air Wander is a fun way to explore travel and expand your trip through extended layovers. Pick your destination and Air Wander will let you pick from a list of places that you can layover for days or weeks at a time for no additional cost. We’ve used it a lot and really enjoy it.

Skyscanner is another favorite and I especially like their day of the week cost break down. I always their day of the week calculator to figure out the best days to fly. I’ve recently found their prices to be a touch high so remember to check a few sites out to get the best rate.

My favorite site for exploring travel. Just put in your departure city and the entire world populates with flights and their prices making finding that cheap trip easy.

We all know Expedia and it remains on my go to list for my trip planning. While it does lack the small budget airlines it’s still worth a look.

Another common one that we all know but no trip would be complete without having a look at Travelocity.

One of the favorites amongst frequent travelers for its ability to search those smaller budget airlines.


A favorite amongst, well just about everyone. They have a great cancellation policy as well as no money down that makes it easy to change plans last minute.

It’s always worth checking multiple sites and Priceline can find some good deals

A good choice for all things Asia, especially accommodations. Great selection that you won’t find on other sites.

I like their buy 10 nights get 1 free. I find their prices are great for both domestic and international.

There’s no better way to get free accommodations while at the same time meet some great people.

The best hostel booking site. Don’t rely on ‘standard’ booking sites as they won’t have the variety or selection.