Whether you’re taking a two-day road trip or living full time in your van there are some van kitchen essentials you’ll want to have.

With the limited space in a van having the right kitchen setup is a must.  Here are some of our favorite campervan kitchen essentials.


Here we go getting all Martha Stewart on you, but this crockpot really does work great in a campervan.  For those days when you have a long drive fire this baby up and you’ll have a hot meal ready.

This thing will pay for itself by keeping you from eating out after that all-day drive.

van kitchen essentials

2. Fold up Table

As we all know van counter space can be quite limited that’s why we love extending our cooking space outside with this small folding table.  It’s even great for gatherings when you need a bit of extra table space for a side dish or condiments.

van kitchen essentials

3. Flexible Cutting Boards

When you’re short on space no one wants to take up real estate with bulky cutting boards. These thin, flexible color-coded cutting boards are perfect for making meal prep fast and easy. An added bonus is they can easily fit in a campervan kitchen sink when they’re dirty.

van kitchen essentials

4. Cast Iron Pan 

van kitchen essentials

5. Blender

 Simply add some fruit, yogurt a bit of coconut milk and some chia seeds and we’re happy campers. I also use our blender to dice up

Then there is, of course, the blended cocktail nights that are always super fun. With all the versatility this small blender provides it makes the cut for our top kitchen campervan essentials that keep us happy.

van kitchen essentials


Being how important coffee is to us I’m not sure why this isn’t in the number one spot. The Aeropress is the best portable coffee maker we’ve found, it makes the perfect cup of coffee every time. We’ve been using an Aeropress both in our home kitchen and campervan kitchen for several years now.

van kitchen essentials

7. Collapsible Food Storage Containers

Collapsible food storage containers are one of the most common campervan kitchen essentials out there. I’m not sure of many Vanlifers that haven’t got sucked into buying these handy collapsible things.

I’m such a minimalist and would rather just ‘get by’ with what we have before buying the next new gadget. Yet, I finally realized that I couldn’t stand the space we were using up just to carry around a couple of food storage containers.

I LOVE how much space these save us in our van cabinet.

van kitchen essentials

8. a Quality Knife Is A must-have van Kitchen essential

I highly recommend getting a good quality knife. A good knife is important in any kitchen, but specific to a van kitchen, you’ll want something that is versatile and works well for everything.

van kitchen essentials

9. Plastic Plates

They are simple, inexpensive, and stack easily in a van kitchen. Go for simple. The nice part about these plastic plates is they are shatter resistant.


van kitchen essentials

I’m sure there are more essentials I’ll think of along the way, but these 9 things have really helped us in our campervan kitchen.

Are you a full-time van lifer? If so, do you have anything to add to this list?

9 Must Have Van Kitchen Essentials