Life Is A Journey

I Eventually found myself settled down with my wife (who also has a flexible healthcare job) in a small Idaho ski town.






Next Comes The Stuff







The Best Job In The World











What Makes Me Tick



But I had no idea where to start or even who to ask.  This began my long quest to learn about some other options out there that would support my hopes and dreams.

We wanted to live in other countries, immerse ourselves in other cultures, and REALLY explore our own country.  Not just hit the National Parks if you know what I mean.

Confidence To Take That First Step

Turns out there is an amazing community of people, entrepreneurs, and those that have put travel and life experience first.

One of the best ways to improve who you are is to surround yourself with those who you aspire to be. 

Well that’s exactly what we are doing.  By starting our own business, networking, and learning from those that are on the same journey but just ahead of us, has made this dream a reality.

Outside Nomad is all about bringing together a like-minded community of entrepreneurs who love to travel.

This has allowed us to gain the confidence and know-how to make a better life for ourselves.  And if we can do it, so can YOU!